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151st Annual General Meeting and General Council

151st Annual General Meeting, Aug. 22, 2018

Annual General Meeting Overview

 Awards gala, Tues., Aug. 21

2018 AGM Agenda, Wed., Aug. 22
8:00 amIntroduction — Chair (Dr. Laurent Marcoux)
8:05 amBusiness Meeting
  • Presentation of Annual Report (incl. Membership Fees and question and answer session) (Dr. Brian Brodie)
  • Appointment of Auditors (Dr. Guruswamy Sridha​r)
  • Approval of Bylaw Amendments (Dr. Shelley Ross)
10:00 amInstallation of President and Inaugural Address (Dr. Gigi Osler)
10:30 amAdjournment

Membership in the CMA must be secured 3 business days before the 2018 AGM (before Thursday August 16, 5:00 EST) if a physician is registering to attend the meeting.

The 2018 CMA Report to Members (including bylaw amendments) is available under “Reference Documents.”

General Council 2018, Aug. 22, 2018

General Council Overview


2018 GC Agenda
10:30 amOpening — Speaker (Dr. Maria Alexiadis)
10:35 am A Code of Ethics and Professionalism* for today’s medical profession: Join Committee on Ethics Chair Dr. Tim Holland to discuss the proposed revised CMA Code of Ethics, 150 years after its initial inception. (*document will be available in August)
11:45 amElections (Nominations Committee Report will be available in July)
12:15 pmO Canada — and closing
12:30 pmAdjournment

Continuing Professional Development

Learning Objectives

Reference Documents

2018 CMA Report to Memberspassword required

Proceedings of 150th Annual Meeting and transactions of General Council

Disposition of 2017 General Council Resolutions

Bylaws and Operating Rules and Procedures (incl. meeting procedures and nominations/election procedures)

FAQs — General Council transition and proposed changes to the AGM

FAQs — Member proposals (corporate and policy)

CMA’s audited financial statements for 2017 are included in the 2018 Report to Members (see Appendix B). Note that at the request of CMA’s auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CMA’s financial statements are considered “special purpose statements” as described in Note 2 to the financial statements. The audited financial statements for each of the subsidiaries (CMA Holdings 2014 Inc., Joule Inc. and MD Financial Holdings) are available upon request.