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CMPA's medico-legal insights now online for medical students

Canada's leading provider of medico-legal advice for practising physicians has its sights on a new target: medical students.

"Extending our educational reach to students was a natural step because we already deliver extensive CME to practising physicians," explained Dr. John Gray, executive director and CEO at the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA).

The new student outreach effort, the CMPA Good Practices Guide, focuses on patient safety, risk management, adverse events and other themes. The online guide includes 124 case studies based on CMPA research, as well as 40 videos and 150 good practices.

The bilingual site was launched in November, and will be expanded next March to include teaching resources for medical school faculty.

The "good practices" outlined on the site cover seven areas: patient safety, teams, communication, managing risk, human factors, adverse events and professionalism.

Good practices under patient safety include:

  • be prepared to question policies, practices and actions that may threaten patient safety
  • practise to the standard of care, and only if healthy to do so

The most extensive section involves communication with patients and within a health care team, and includes topics such as privacy and confidentiality and informed consent.

"We are extending our educational reach to medical students at a key juncture in their training," says Gray. "By injecting positive risk management learning and patient safety information into the medical curricula, we have the opportunity of helping to establish key patient safety and risk management concepts early, with the ultimate goal that these will become lifelong habits."

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