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Several records set in 2013 residency match

For new graduates from Canada's medical schools, the 2013 residency match proved to be a record-setter on several fronts.

Not only did this year's Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) match attract a record number of graduates from Canada's 17 medical schools, but they were also competing for a record number of medical and surgical residencies.

Recently released CaRMS data indicate that 2,695 Canadian Medical Graduates (CMGs) participated in the first iteration of the 2013 match, up from the previous record of 2,672 CMGs set in 2012. They were competing for a total of 2,934 residency positions, 43 more than the previous record, which was also set last year.

"With these results we're seeing the outcome of decisions made years ago - decisions that included expanded undergraduate enrolments, the opening of a new medical school and the launch of satellite campuses across the country," says Lynda Buske, manager of the CMA's Canadian Collaborative Centre for Physician Resources (C3PR).

"It is striking to look back and see the difference a decade has made. In 2003, for example, 1,231 CMGs competed for 1,307 positions. The fact that both numbers have grown by around 120% since then is pretty impressive."

The new data indicate that 95% of CMGs were matched in the first iteration, a proportion that has remained steady since 2004; 63% were matched to their first-choice program and 87% to their first-choice discipline.

CaRMS says that when results of the first and second iterations are combined, the number of participants in the 2013 match totalled 5,010: 2,747 CMGs, 2,216 international medical graduates (IMGs), and 47 US medical graduates. A total of 499 IMGs - 23% of applicants in that category - were matched, including a record 127 in the second iteration.

Sixty-five tables containing results from the 2013 match are now available online.

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