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​​​Requirements for accreditation (2014)

2014 Requirements for accreditation handbook​

Summary of program compliance

Frequently asked questions

Templates for presentation of self-assessment report and evidence

TitleBlank templates (MSWord)Sample completed templates (PDF)
Program request for accreditation (must be submitted with each self-assessment) Blank form
Program self-assessment report Blank form
Template 1A, Results on certification/registration examinations (criterion 1.5) - Mandatory Blank form Sample completed form
Template 3A, Didactic program personnel (criteria 3.1 and 3.2) Blank form Sample completed form
Template 3B, Overview of clinical/practicum placement sites (criteria 3.1 and 3.5) Blank form Sample completed form
Template 3C, Professional credentials of personnel (clinical/practicum site) (criterion 3.1) Blank form
Template 4A, Agreements with clinical/practicum sites (criterion 4.1) Blank form
Template 5A, Data collection (criterion 5.1) - Mandatory Blank form Sample completed form: templates 5A, 5B and 5C
Template 5B, Analysis (criterion 5.2) Blank form
Template 5C, Actions and outcomes (criteria 5.3 and 5.4) Blank form


Guidelines for programs in preparing the competency profile cross-reference document
(Criterion 1.3)

Guidelines for paramedic programs
Guidelines for medical laboratory assistant programs

Provincial requirements

When there is a provincial regulatory body for the profession, the regulatory body has an agreement with CMA Conjoint Accreditation Services and the regulatory body has a set of additional requirements which educational programs must address, the program must provide a document that cross-references these additional requirements.

New criterion 5.4

Criterion 5.4 now explicitly requires programs to demonstrate that they evaluate the outcome of actions taken and initiate corrective measures when interventions do not result in program improvement.

Programs will require time to implement appropriate processes that enable them to provide the evidence required to meet this criterion. Accredited programs visited between January 2015 and December 2018 will need to demonstrate they have plans, processes and measures in place or underway to meet this criterion. Outcomes available, even limited, should be presented to the survey team for assessment.

As of January 2019, all accredited programs will have to meet program outcomes outlined in criterion 5.4.

Suggestions to help you prepare for accreditation: