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Accreditation structure

The conjoint accreditation process brings together more than 40 professional organizations to accredit educational programs in designated health science professions.

Conjoint Accreditation Services

Conjoint Accreditation Services provides administrative services to coordinate accreditation activities.

Two committees are responsible for the ongoing governance and operation of conjoint accreditation: the Committee on Conjoint Accreditation and the Committee on Program Accreditation.

The Committee on Conjoint Accreditation (CCA) governs the conjoint accreditation process on behalf of the JouleTM Board of Directors.

The Committee on Program Accreditation (COPA) accredits programs that meet the requirements for accreditation. COPA reports to CCA.

Survey teams conduct program assessments on behalf of COPA; each survey team is composed of a physician/scientist, one or two health practitioners and an educator.

Accreditation sponsors are national professional organizations or provincial regulatory bodies that agree formally to participate in the conjoint accreditation process and contribute financially to the operating costs of the accreditation committees. Accreditation sponsor groups include professional societies of physicians, practitioners, educators and employers.