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​Preparing your accreditation submission

An accreditation submission is a cooperative effort between the program and its partner sites. A submission includes:

  • The program request for accreditation.
  • The program self-assessment report - the program’s self-assessment against the accreditation criteria.
  • The evidence of compliance, the evidence to support the self-assessment.

The program request for accreditation

  • Complete all request and program information forms.
  • Obtain the signature of the program’s senior administrator.

The program self-assessment report

  • Complete the historical overview page and the program fact sheet.
  • Complete the program’s self-assessment for each criterion by:
    • indicating criterion met/not met
    • completing the section entitled "Description of how the program meets the criterion"
    • listing the submitted evidence of compliance and the evidence available on site

The evidence of compliance

  • Gather the evidence that demonstrates that the program meets each criterion. A list of suggested evidence is provided in the Requirements for accreditation document. Explanations regarding the evidence should be included in the "description of how the program meets the criterion" section of the program self-assessment documents.
  • Sort the evidence by criterion.
  • Use the templates to facilitate presentation of data.
  • Include each document only once in the submission. If a document supports more than one criterion, refer the reader to the page number of the original placement.
  • Minimize the length of the submission (no more than 300-500 pages) by providing summaries and excerpts of documents. Identify (in the page header for example) the name of the document from which the excerpt or summary was derived.
  • Take the time to review the submission as a whole to identify and correct any inconsistencies or discrepancies, e.g., inconsistent naming of partner sites.
  • Include all data from surveys and feedback under criterion 5.2 and use extracts or refer to pertinent page(s) in the reminder of the self-assessment report.

Compiling the submission

  • Create a master copy of the submission.
  • Number every page. The numbering can be done electronically or by hand. Rather than using a sequential numbering system of the entire submission, consider numbering by criterion to increase flexibility in your preparation, e.g.,
     Criterion 1.1
    p. 1.1.1
    p. 1.1.2
    p. 1.1.3
    orCriterion 4.2
    p. 4.2-1
    p. 4.2-2
    p. 4.2-3
  • Photocopy the required number of submissions; double-sided pages are encouraged.

We can help

Annual program accreditation and registration fees include the provision for telephone consultations with the accreditation secretariat, as required by the program.

Please contact Conjoint Accreditation Services.