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Advanced course on medical assistance in dying

As a follow-up to the foundational online module, which provides an in-depth treatment of the ethical issues, this course provides comprehensive education for physicians who are considering offering medical assistance in dying to their patients. It is offered in two formats, online and in-house, to meet your individual needs or your team’s needs.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:
  • Integrate and fulfill ethical principles and legal and regulatory requirements in the care of patients requesting medical assistance in dying
  • Evaluate competency especially with vulnerable populations
  • Engage in a complex conversation with patients and their families at end of life
  • Provide the technical aspects of medical assistance in dying in a compassionate manner
  • Self-monitor and reflect to assess impact in personal and professional life
  • Access support around self-care

This course will be offered in two formats:

In-house course delivered at your organization, meeting or conference to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams. Contact us at 800-663-7336 x8445 or at for more information.

Facilitated online course, which consists of four online modules and lasts four weeks. Each week’s module will require three to four hours of study. Participants will move as a cohort through the course, completing one module per week, but can choose when to be online according to their personal schedules. Participants will interact with peers from across the country and with course faculty through a discussion forum and webinars.

Participants need to be a CMA member to access the course through the CMA’s learning management system (LMS).

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Dates, prices and to register

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