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Four steps to CCPE status


Physicians must apply and be assessed for this credential. Each summer physicians are invited to apply by the deadline of October 31st. Eligibility criteria must be met. Following submission of required documentation, each candidate’s application is assessed through a peer assessment process to determine recommendation for the CCPE credential.


Each physician candidate’s performance will be assessed against a set of leadership capabilities. These capabilities are described in the widely endorsed LEADS in a Caring Environment framework. Using this framework, a three-pronged approach to the leadership assessment is employed: physicians self-assess, their referees assess and a physician peer assessment panel assesses.


Each spring the cohort of successful CCPEs will assemble, celebrate and receive public recognition at the Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership, held in a major Canadian city.


All CCPEs must be recertified every five years. The recertification process is designed to demonstrate that the physician remains committed to leadership, to lifelong learning and that he/she continues to meet all the required CCPE criteria.

Application process

  1. Review the eligibility criteria to ensure that you meet all the requirements for the route through which you wish to apply: PLI-academic route or Practice eligibility route

  2. Download and complete these forms:

  3. Choose and confirm three referees. Referees must attest to your leadership capabilities (skills, knowledge, ability) as observed in your work environment. They must include:

    • the individual to whom you currently report
    • a physician colleague
    • an individual of your choosing who is in a position to comment on your leadership capabilities as related to the LEADS framework
  4. Pay application/assessment fee

    Credential route Application/assessment fee Applicable taxes* Total*
    Both routes$1,050$xxx$xxx
  5. *Taxes and total amount will be determined automatically when you pay online.
    AB/ BC/ MB/ NWT/ YT/ NU/ SK (5%) ON (13%) PE (14%) NB/ NL/ NS (15%) QC (GST+QST)
    $1050.00 + $52.50 = $1102.50$1050.00 + $136.50 = $1186.50$1050.00 + $147.00 = $1197.00$1050.00 + $157.50 = $1207.50$1050.00 + $52.50 + $104.74 = $1207.24
  6. Cheque payable to:
    Canadian Society of Physician Leaders
    Online (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX)

  7. Submit application package by October 31, 2017, complete with payment, to:
    CCPE Secretariat
    c/o Canadian Society of Physician leaders
    Suite 323-875 Carling Avenue
    Ottawa ON K1S 5P1
    613-369-8322 x 200