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​Awards for Young Leaders

The CMA Awards for Young Leaders has up to six recipients each year in the following categories:

  • Student Leadership Award
  • Resident Leadership Award
  • Early Career Physician Leadership Award

The award celebrates the efforts of young physician leaders of tomorrow for their efforts today. The CMA presents the Award for Young Leaders to two students, two residents and two early career physicians (five years post-residency) who have demonstrated exemplary dedication, commitment and leadership in one of the following domains:

  • political
  • clinical
  • educational
  • research and community service

Relative to these domains, nominees must have:

  • exemplified creativity, initiative and are committed to "making a difference"
  • been active and effective at the local, provincial/territorial and/or national level
  • acted as a positive and effective role model for peers and colleagues
Nomination forms:
Early career: MSWord
Resident: MSWord
Student: MSWord

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StudentResidentEarly career
2018 Aline Demirdjian Khatchikian
Lerly Luo
Dr. Blair Bigham
Dr. Christopher Charles
Dr. Cara Bablitz
Dr. William Cherniak
2017Bing Yu Chen
Amy Li
Dr. Aravind Ganesh
Dr. Colm McCarthy
Dr. Farhan Asrar
Dr. Paul Dhillon
2016Azalea Lehndorff
Latif Murji
Dr. Debraj Das
Dr. Vera Krejcik
Dr. André Bernard
Dr. Meredith Giuliani
2015 Soniya Sharma Dr. Amol Verma Dr. Alika Lafontaine
2014 Peter Gill Dr. Farhan Asrar Dr. Samir Sinha
2013 Rithesh Ram Dr. Paul Singh Dhillon Dr. Kathryn Andrusky
2012 Colin Casault Dr. Brock Debenham Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam
2011 David Campbell​ Dr. Abdullah Saleh Dr. Michal S. Kalisiak
2010Laura DrudiDr. Laura StintonDr. Ann R. Vaidya
2009Juliet Emamaullee,
PhD, and Charlotte Kfoury
Dr. Devesh VarmaDr. Jordan Cohen
2008Sagar DuganiDr. Jerry Maniate
2007Evan WoodDr. Roona Sinha
2006Ryan SommersDr. Karin Dymond KerfootDr. Michael Pollanen
2005Lanette PredigerDr. Danielle MartinDr. Robert Siemens
2004Julielynn WongDr. Adam NatshehDr. Christopher Simpson