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Building resilient medical communities

Health Practices podcast series

Recorded at the inaugural Canadian Conference on Physician Health, this six-podcast series offers insights from physicians at various career stages into how to build resilient medical communities and enjoy a fulfilling medical career.

Wellsprings of resilience

Guest: Dr. Richard Gunderman

Dr. Richard Gunderman, Indiana University professor of radiology, pediatrics, medical education, philosophy, liberal arts and philanthropy discusses Homer’s Odyssey, using the adventures of Odysseus to challenge our thinking about the medical journey and the search for the well-springs of resilience. Dr. Mamta Gautam and Dr. Gunderman talk about how physicians can create a profession to thrive in and whole heartedly encourage others to join.

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The powerful message of resilience

Guest: Dr. Michael Kaufmann

How will the message of resilience being brought to the core of medical training and practice impact the culture of medicine? Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Director, Physician Health Program, at the Ontario Medical Association, speaks to Dr. Mamta Gautam about the incredible resilience demonstrated by physicians accessing OMA's physician health program, why resiliency means so much more than coping and managing stress, and why the message of resilience is so powerful.

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Enhancing the resiliency of our future physicians

Guest: Dr. Susan Edwards

What needs to be done to enhance the resiliency of future physicians? How can we help our medical educators to enhance their own resiliency — as well as that of their students? Dr. Susan Edwards, Director of Resident Wellness at the Post Graduate Medical Education Office at the University of Toronto speaks to Dr. Mamta Gautam about her unique opportunity to work with residents and faculty, to understand their interactions and their resiliency.

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The resilient medical student

Guest: Mr. Ali Okhowat

How do medical students cope? When there is so much pressure to avoid mistakes, how do they remain resilient? Ali Okhowat, a fourth-year University of Toronto medical student and the national wellness officer for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, speaks to Dr. Mamta Gautam about how to find the right solutions and alleviate stress.

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Residents and resiliency — staying the course

Guest: Dr. Jessica Guimond Hemmings

As medical trainees, as well as teachers and hospital employees, medical residents are under constant scrutiny. Dr. Jessica Guimond Hemmings is a fourth-year resident in radiation oncology at Dalhousie University with a longstanding interest in medical trainee health and wellness. She speaks to Dr. Mamta Gautam about how residency training can be really called "resiliency training," and how maintaining hope for the future helps her stay the course.

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Defining resiliency — bouncing back

Guest: Dr. Sonja Boone

Dr. Sonja Boone, Director of Physician Health and Healthcare Disparities at the American Medical Association speaks to Dr. Mamta Gautam about how observing and understanding human nature – watching our patients and their loved ones be resilient in the face of adversity – can strengthen physician resiliency. Resiliency is having a sense of humility, knowing that we are human, and being able to bounce back after going through tough times.

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