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International Conference on Physician Health

Call for abstracts

Submissions accepted from February 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for consideration as part of the International Conference on Physician Health® 2018 (ICPH) taking place in Toronto from October 11-13, 2018.

"Driving Meaningful Change: Make It Happen, Make It Matter" is this year's conference theme. Please keep this theme in mind when preparing your abstract and presentation. The conference will showcase research and innovations addressing issues related to physicians' health. It will promote an overall healthier culture in medicine for physicians by offering practical evidence-based skills and strategies for attendees to take back to their practice. The conference will provide a forum for practitioners and researchers to present recent findings, innovative methods and support systems, and educational programs in the area of physicians' health. The friendly and informal conference environment will promote networking, exchange of experience and information, and leisure activity focused on staying healthy.

In lockstep with the conference theme, we're particularly interested in submissions that focus on designing, implementing and leading meaningful as well as sustainable change within increasingly complex health systems to promote physician health and wellness — from medical school through to retirement. Relevant submissions dealing with any aspect of physicians' health and wellness are also welcome.

Three presentation formats are invited.

  • Poster presentations: Written presentation of original research or innovations will allow for discussion between authors and interested parties both informally over the conference, as well as part of a dedicated poster session. Handouts are encouraged.* Presenters are responsible for producing their own poster. Each poster will be displayed throughout the conference. Poster presentations can be submitted as either "research" or "innovation."
  • Oral presentations: Short oral presentations will be grouped into related sessions. Presentations should be 20-30 minutes in duration, with the last five-10 minutes reserved for questions and discussion. † Handouts are encouraged. *Oral presentations can be submitted as either "research" or "innovation."
  • Workshop presentations: This category includes interactive sessions, experiential presentations and program descriptions that are designed to improve skills and knowledge among those working in the area of physicians' health.† Didactic lectures are not acceptable. Subject matter is open but should address specific topical issues related to the conference theme, "Driving Meaningful Change: Make It Happen, Make It Matter." Workshops should have an emphasis on interactive learning and should be scalable between 60 to 90 minutes in duration, with the last 10-15 minutes reserved for questions and discussion. When submitting an abstract for a workshop, the submitter will need to state the approximate length of the presentation in minutes. Handouts are encouraged.*

*Handouts are encouraged. These presentations may also offer you an opportunity to further your work. Our varied audience of professionals interested in all aspects of physicians' health may provide you with the focus group or feedback you need.


† Note that PowerPoint presentations are encouraged for oral and workshop presentations. Standard equipment (e.g., LCD projector, screen, audio video connections) will be available at the conference. Any non-standard presentation equipment needed will be provided by the presenter at their expense.


Please submit your abstract(s) in one of three categories:

  1. Research (oral or poster) submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
    • scientific merit
    • quality
    • original contribution to knowledge
    • relevance to audience and conference theme

    • The abstract should clearly outline the purpose/relevance, materials and methods, results, conclusions and alignment with the conference theme.

  2. Innovation (oral or poster) submissions should outline novel work (e.g., processes, approaches, systems, methods, resources/tools and other solutions) to meet the health and wellness needs of physicians. Innovation submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
    • quality
    • original contribution to knowledge and value added
    • relevance to audience and conference theme
  3. Workshop submissions must describe interactive sessions targeting a topic of interest to the target audience, including the facilitator's plan to involve the audience. Workshops are not to be primarily didactic in-nature. These submissions should describe the handouts, tools or media that will be used during the session, as well as the purpose and nature of the interactive portion(s). Workshop submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
    • quality (Authors should identify the methods of delivery, including group work, the design of the workshop and the expected outcomes. For program descriptions, please indicate if the program has been evaluated, the nature of the evaluation and what was concluded from the evaluation.)
    • originality
    • relevance to audience and conference theme

All submissions must be 400 words or fewer and should include the following elements:

  • project objective
  • background information
  • methods/approach (where applicable)
  • results (where applicable)
  • conclusion (where applicable)
  • how it is innovative/novel (innovation)
  • relation to conference theme
  • three learning objectives or goals (i.e., "participants will be able to...")
  • all other suggested elements as described in the three categories

Examples and information on how to write acceptable learning objectives can be found here.

All abstracts will undergo blind review. To ensure blind review, please do not include any author names on the abstract itself or on any of the supporting materials. However, please list all authors on the abstract submission form. Questions will be directed to the corresponding/submitting author.

Submissions for all abstracts must be made electronically using the abstract submission form available here.

Submit Abstract


Submissions must be received by March 31, 2018 (23:59 Eastern Daylight Time). Corresponding authors will be notified of the decision on their submission by May 2018.

Presenters are expected to register for the conference and will pay the AMA-CMA-BMA member rate. They will be responsible for all of their own conference-related expenses.

Please contact us at with any questions or requests for further information.

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