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Canadian Red Cross seeks medical professionals to join the fight against Ebola

The Canadian Red Cross is seeking qualified applicants – including Canadian physicians – to join the fight against Ebola as part of the coordinated response to the outbreak in West Africa.

The profiles that the agency is currently seeking to recruit include medical doctor, ward nurse, psychosocial support delegate and water and sanitation delegate.

The Canadian Red Cross requires assistance in several areas, including community outreach, contact tracing, surveillance, management of the deceased and case management. Physicians with at least three years’ direct patient experience (post-residency) are being sought for the case management function.

Selected applicants who meet the health and professional standards established by the Canadian Red Cross will be deployed to a Red Cross Ebola Treatment Centre in West Africa between mid-November 2014 and April 2015.

Prior to deployment, the Red Cross will provide the qualified individuals with mission-specific training including an extensive practical course on Ebola and related safety procedures. All deploying personnel who are new to the Red Cross will also receive organization-specific training.

Physicians and clinical officers will be responsible for the clinical care and management of Ebola patients. They must be present when a new patient arrives and ensure that appropriate protocols are respected, as well as providing clinical care for suspected and confirmed Ebola patients. The physician will work as part of a team of international and national nurses and medical doctors.

Each mission will initially be limited to four weeks due to the hardship of having to work under heavy personal protective equipment. Upon return to Canada, contracts will be extended for an additional three-week rest period after deployment. Instructions will be provided following deployment on how to self-monitor. The Red Cross notes that while this is not a quarantine period, the individual is expected during this time to be a minimum four hours’ drive from a certified Canadian medical facility. During the rest period individuals are expected to not return to their place of work.

Anyone who deploys as part of this initiative will be placed on contract with the Red Cross, receiving pay and benefits.

For more information about this work and how to apply click here.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has produced guidance on what Canadian health care professionals need to know about Ebola.

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