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​CASI program eligibility

In May 2008, the CMA Board approved the establishment of an international arm of accreditation activity, Conjoint Accreditation Services International (CASI).

The mission of CASI is to promote Canadian standards for educational programs delivered outside Canada in the designated health science professions, thereby contributing to the competency of graduates and the quality of health care internationally.

To be eligible to register for CASI accreditation, an educational program must meet the following three conditions:

  • The program is under the governance of a corporate authority that includes a Canadian educational institute that has a CMA accredited program in Canada in that health science profession.
  • The program is structured so that all educational elements (didactic and clinical) are documented and delivered in their entirety in English or French at or above the language proficiency level required for entry to the institution’s health science professional programs in Canada.
  • The program has access to clinical facilities and clinical practices that enable students to attain all competencies specified in the Canadian competency profile for the health science profession. Competencies related to legal and ethical protocols can be met within local or regional health system frameworks and jurisprudence, provided that these systems comply with international norms of personal safety and human rights.

​A preliminary assessment is conducted to determine a program’s compliance with the above three conditions and its eligibility to register for accreditation by CASI.

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