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​Chair competencies and performance expectations

New chairs may not initially be able to meet all core competencies; ability to meet some core competencies will develop with survey experience as a chair. The secretariat will assist all chairs in facilitating the overall survey process.

Serve as the official voice of the survey team

  • Approach survey processes with an affirmative manner
  • Present ideas clearly and concisely
  • Communicate with team members in a manner that facilitates cooperative efforts
  • Communicate with program personnel in a manner that facilitates open dialogue and program improvement initiatives

Guide the survey team to consensus and desired goals

  • Establish expectations for the survey team
  • Apply a variety of team processes to meet desired goals
  • Manage time and keep team moving toward its desired goals
  • Defer final assessment of the program until all evidence is collected and all team members have expressed their views

Facilitate an analytical approach to program assessment

  • Keep assessment of the program relevant to the criteria
  • Encourage and acknowledge helpful ideas and suggestions
  • Listen, question, clarify and summarize the discussion to determine the team’s direction
  • Adapt the assessment process to the unique circumstances of each program

​Manage group dynamics

  • Facilitate a positive work climate within the team
  • Recognize and respect each team member’s perspective
  • Provide team members with equal opportunity for input
  • Manage divergent views in a manner that facilitates open discussion