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​​​​Quantum Clinical Search - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What powers QuantumTM Clinical Search?

A discovery search product called EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) has been built into This leading discovery search technology is also used by major academic libraries.

Why should I use the QuantumTM Clinical Search?

It is a great place to start your research. It helps you quickly find relevant resources on a subject, without having to decide which tools to search. The filters allow you to limit your search results in a variety of ways, including by publication type, date range and language.

What’s included in the QuantumTM Clinical Search?

Quantum Clinical Search​ searches across a number of JouleTM​ clinical resources, including DynaMed Plus, ClinicalKey, CMAJ and other CMA publications, the CPG Infobase and electronic journals available through EBSCO and selected open access repositories.

Can I still search these resources individually?

Yes. To see a full list of clinical resources, visit the All Resources page under the Clinical Resources menu.

What's not included?

Essential Evidence Plus, and some specialized content (e.g. POEMs, drug monographs, patient education materials, multimedia) are not currently included.

To search the CMA site, click the “CMA Content” tab or enter your search terms into the top search box.​​

Quantum Clinical Search trouble shooting – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No results or too few results?

If your search indicates no results were found, try refining your search terms and running the search again. Try unmarking one or more limiters. Limiters narrow your results and depending upon the limiters you've chosen, you may have created too narrow a search. For example, by default searches are limited only to results for which the full-text is available. To broaden your search and/or if you have access to full-text resources through a university or hospital library, uncheck the “Full-text only” limiter.

Try re-entering your search terms making sure you don't unnecessarily repeat words or duplicate Boolean terms. (Enter "heart and lung" not "heart and and lung.") The Quantum Clinical Search does not currently have spell correct/ auto suggestions (like Google), so check the spelling of your search terms.

Too many results?

Discovery searches across a number of sources and, depending on the breadth of your topic, can produce overwhelming results. Use the filters on the left hand side to refine your results. Popular filters are available by default and additional filters are available under “More filters”. Search results are sorted by relevance as a default.

Need a quick answer?

DynaMed Plus results and a link to the full list of related topics in DynaMed Plus is available at the top of your search results. Select the “Point of care information” and “Guidelines” popular filters to limit your results to evidence summaries from DynaMed Plus and Canadian clinical practice guidelines from CPG Infobase.

Looking to read the full journal article or book chapter?

By default, search results display records that have full-text available. Access full-text by selecting the ‘Full text’ link shown at the bottom of the brief record and/or at the top of the detailed record page. Full-text articles open in a separate window, via the journal or within a PDF viewer.

Need to save your search?

All searches performed during your session can be saved using the ‘Save search’ button found at the top of your search results and on the ‘Search history’ page.

Want to save references to review later?

Save individual references by clicking the ‘Add to folder’ link below each item or in the detailed record view. Add all items displayed on the page by clicking the ‘Add to folder’ link in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Looking for saved references and/or searches?

You can access your results folder by selecting the ‘View results folder’ link in the right-hand column of the search results page. To retrieve previously saved searches, select the ‘View saved searches’ link, and select one by clicking a title under ‘Search terms’.

How can I provide feedback or ask questions?

Contact our team at or 844-565-8228