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CMA 2020 – Aiming for new heights

A 150-year old organization could run the risk of resting on its laurels, but the Canadian Medical Association is driving for the future with a new three-year strategy targeting aspirational impact.

The centrepiece of CMA 2020 is a new mission: Empowering and Caring for Patients, which embraces an outward-facing purpose. When combined with the vision – a vibrant profession and a healthy population – CMA is transforming towards a social enterprise that supports and builds on the work done by Canada’s doctors every day. It also enjoins CMA and its companies, Joule and MD Financial Management, into a singular effort to achieve heightened outcomes.

“We’re embarking on a transformation journey that will see us embrace exponential change,” said Dr. Brian Brodie, a general practitioner in Chilliwack, BC and Chair of the CMA Board of Directors. “For example, technology is changing medicine as we know it and the CMA intends to lead the innovation-process to improve the health of Canadians and populations world-wide.”

An important element of the new strategy will involve collaborating with like-minded partners, and build an engaged and connected profession. CMA’s strong and ongoing work with provincial and territorial medical association partners, affiliates, key stakeholders and the public will be part of that effort.

CMA 2020 includes new objectives to guide action, specifically:

  • Consistently bring a patient-centred perspective to the work of the CMA;
  • Engage in courageous, influential and collaborative dialogue and advocacy;
  • Unite and inspire physicians on health issues and causes that matter.

The new strategy will provide the roadmap to build the best ecosystem possible – driving towards the healthiest of population and the most energized medical profession.

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