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​​​CMA 2020 – Aiming for new heights

At a turning point in our history

The CMA celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017 by honouring Canada’s proud medical history, celebrating physician leaders and medical breakthroughs, and charting a new course for the future. The CMA and its members have every reason to be proud of our innovative practice, advocacy and collaboration with stakeholders, and 2017 was no exception.

What’s the future direction of the CMA? The answer lies in the 2017–2020 Strategic Plan — called CMA 2020 — with its mission of empowering and caring for patients and its vision for a vibrant profession and a healthy population.

The mission and vision chart a course for the future, where the CMA will pursue societal goals that support and build on the work done by Canada’s doctors every day. Whether it’s advocating for seniors care, providing expert input on cannabis legislation or advancing low-usage opioid guidelines, the CMA is committed to making the health care system responsive to physicians and patients.

Embracing a bold future — CMA 2020

In developing the new strategic plan, the CMA recognized the opportunities that lie ahead. It also set out to delineate its role from others, as duplication is simply not effective nor does it bring value to health care. As a result, the strategy focuses on connecting individuals, creating conversations and harnessing the passion of physicians to move boldly and courageously into the future. In this context, the CMA will assume a thought leadership role, taking strong positions on issues and causes that really matter to society.

We intend to occupy a unique space in the association world. While representing physicians, we’ll also represent the profession as a whole, as well as patients and the public as equal partners.

 ​​Rallying with Canada’s physicians

As it has done for 150 years, the CMA will continue to work with its physician-members to champion health issues that drive meaningful change. It will support members, as a vibrant profession is instrumental to the well-being of Canada’s population. Programs that support physician wellness and health are prime examples of the CMA’s commitment to members. The development of shared values is key to medical professionalism and remains a focus of the CMA’s work.

The CMA is a dynamic venue for physicians to exchange and share their knowledge, clinical experience and solutions. As part of its transformation, the CMA is inviting members to join the association based on their belief in its mission and vision. This joint pursuit of societal goals will prove to be a powerful agent of change as physicians on the frontlines of health care connect to generate new and inspiring ideas.

Working in partnership

Collaboration is a cornerstone of this plan. The CMA continues to build relationships and communities to advance change for the profession, patients and the public. The success of CMA 2020 will be based on our transformation to a social enterprise, collaboration with like-minded partners and engagement with members and partners in the professional community.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ll work with provincial and territorial medical associations and affiliates. Together, we intend to inspire the conditions for change by creating communities of influence. There’s no shortage of challenges that await us, but we’ll view these instead as opportunities and seize upon select priorities to achieve positive outcome​s.

Building on the energy of CMA+

Through its subsidiary companies, Joule and MD Financial Management, the CMA is providing members with clinical resources and training, funding innovation, and supporting physicians’ financial goals. Moreover, the CMA intends to enjoin its partner companies in achieving societal goals. With a social enterprise mindset, we recently launched the CMA Foundation to extend benefits to worthy causes.

Follow our journey to 2020

This is the beginning of an exciting journey for members and Canadians. We continue to refine the path forward, recognizing that a strong strategy for a dynamic profession requires ongoing thought, exploration and dialogue.


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