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CMA Action campaign raises voice of Canada’s doctors

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has launched a new advocacy campaign to inform members about its work on critical national health issues such as seniors care, physician-assisted dying, medical professionalism and refugee care.

The campaign aims to better connect CMA members with their national association and help physicians take on and promote these issues themselves in their communities.

Recently, CMA members helped make the issue of improving seniors care an issue in the federal election. Physician advocacy resonated with the public as nearly 30,000 Canadians signed up in support of the CMA push for a national seniors strategy. As part of the Action campaign, members can expect to see print and digital ads highlighting the CMA’s advocacy efforts and ways for members to get involved.

There will also be advocacy resources on the CMA website, encouraging members to share their voice through the Member Dialogue initiative and connect with their Member of Parliament through the MD-MP Contact Program.

To join the conversation on social media, use the hashtag #CMAaction and for more information check out

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