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CMA doubles number of recipients for young leaders award

The Canadian Medical Association will be doubling the number of recipients for its young leaders award.

At its recent Board of Directors meeting, a decision was made to acknowledge two individuals annually in the categories of student, resident and early career physician. Currently a single person is recognized in each category.

The decision was made in order to enhance recognition of younger physicians and medical students and to increase the CMA engagement with this cohort.

“We have so many excellent young leaders in the medical profession in Canada that it makes perfect sense to give them more recognition,” said CMA President Chris Simpson. Simpson was himself the inaugural recipient of the CMA Award for Young Leaders.

The move follows a decision made earlier this year to sunset the Student/Resident Award for Political Action as potential recipients for this award are already eligible to receive the Sir Charles Tupper Award for Political Action.

After reviewing a number options, the CMA Committee on Archives and Awards decided that the best course of action was to specifically increase the number of winners for the Young Leaders Award as this award receives an extensive number of high caliber nominees and is very well recognized.

The award recognizes dedication, commitment and leadership in several domains including: political, clinical, education, research and community service.

The new framework will be instituted in 2016.

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