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​​​​​​​CMA Governance

CMA continuously strives to improve the way it serves its members, and enhancing its governance structure is key in this process.

In 2016, the Task Force on the Role of General Council in a Modern CMA was established. Its mandate ​was ​to help us re-imagine General Council to more broadly and effectively engage the expertise and experience of our members from across Canada in courageous and influential dialogue. This has led to an innovative new platform for 2018 and CMA’s first Health Summit. In addition, the CMA Governance Committee sought your input last fall to determine the optimal governance structure for the CMA Board of Directors. Our new governance structure will:

  • support physicians and CMA’s mission of empowering and caring for patients
  • support CMA’s vision of a vibrant profession and a healthy population
  • unite and inspire physicians on health issues and causes that matter
  • promote and encourage courageous and influential dialogue and advocacy

Recommendations from the Board on bylaw amendments are expected this August to support a new forward-looking CMA enterprise. Click on the links above to learn more about these initiatives and the proposed changes. Frequently asked questions about the proposed changes to General Council and the Annual General Meeting, as well as new member proposals are included below and related excerpts from Board meeting highlights.

Overview - Proposed CMA Governance Changes 2018

Governance Changes at CMA: What you need to know

FAQs — General Council transition and proposed changes to the AGM

Proposed process and timelines for elections and appointments

Member proposals (corporate and policy)

Update — May 2018