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CMA leaders make medical “power list”

Oct. 1, 2015 - Current and past Canadian Medical Association (CMA) presidents feature prominently in a list of 30 of the most powerful physicians in the country prepared by The Medical Post and published in the magazine’s September 15 edition.

“Current medical association presidents” was the second item on The Medical Post’s power list, noting the efforts of some of the doctors who have most recently held the office: Cindy Forbes, Chris Simpson, and Louis Hugo Francescutti.

The authors commend the gravity of work that each president, whether on a national or provincial/territorial level, takes on during their term.

“Being Canadian Medical Association president – or a provincial/territorial medical association president – is an incredible bully pulpit,” the article notes.

Another CMA past-president Jeff Turnbull was listed in the number six position, as the “crusader for the most vulnerable.” Besides being credited for his role as president of the CMA in 2010/2011 and the chief of staff at The Ottawa Hospital, Turnbull was primarily recognized for his efforts in caring for the most disadvantaged in society: the homeless.

“This is a man who didn’t just write some editorials about the homeless, he went out and raised significant money needed to start up the Inner City Health Project for the homeless in Ottawa,” said the authors.

Another familiar face making the list was Brian Day, who served as CMA president in 2007/2008. Besides being a successful Medical Director for a clinic in B.C., Day has also been a prominent political figure in the industry.

In addition to the list of most powerful and influential doctors in Canada, The Medical Post also published a list of 20 doctors to watch.

Samir Sinha was one of the doctors on this list.

Since 2010, he’s served as the director of geriatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, and has been a tireless advocate for improving seniors care across the country.

Sinha is working closely with the CMA in advocating for development of a national seniors strategy to support the aging population and their complex care needs.

The CMA congratulates all doctors whose accomplishments were recognized.

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