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CMA Communities of Interest Grants

Across the country, physicians and medical learners are using communities of interest to address issues affecting the health care system, the profession and their patients. Through these communities, medical professionals, other health professionals and patients are coming together to solve problems, share experiences and take action.

The CMA believes communities of interest hold the key to a vibrant profession and a healthy population, and we want to do our part to foster the work of these communities. That’s why we’ve created the CMA Communities of Interest Grants program. As a CMA member, you can apply for a grant to support an existing community of interest, or to create a new one. Grant recipients will receive targeted funding, coaching and other support from the CMA to ensure their community meets its objectives.

Why should I apply for a CMA Communities of Interest Grant?

We’ve heard from our members that funding is just one of the barriers to achieving community objectives. Resources, time and communications are also challenges for many communities of interest, and that’s where we believe we can make a difference. In addition to funding, the CMA will provide grant recipients with strategic advice, community management coaching and access to CMA communications channels to ensure their community of interest makes an impact.

How do I apply?

To apply for a CMA Communities of Interest Grant, the physician or medical learner is required to submit an application providing specific details of their community, its leadership, its objectives and the proposed budget. Application and program requirements, are available here. Please note, the deadline for 2018 applications has passed.

How are grant recipients selected?

Grant applications are ranked by a selection committee made up of physician and medical learners on the basis of the applicants’ objectives, strategic approach, leadership and project plans. We’re looking for communities of interest that are inclusive, innovative and impactful. The full details of the 2018 selection criteria are available here.

We are no longer accepting CMA Communities of Interest Grant applications for 2018.

Please revisit this page later this year for an update on the next application process. If you have any questions or wish to be kept informed, please contact

Dr. Hasan Sheikh on how his community of interest has made him a better physician

I think one of the biggest frustrations in medicine is when you hit systemic issues that you feel you can’t push beyond, from behind the confines of the clinic space. What has been really helpful with this [community of interest] is to have a group of people who are enthusiastic... it allows you to feel like you are building capacity and building up the system to take care of a vulnerable group of patients. It’s inspiring, and it supports us in feeling like what we do makes a difference.

 — Dr. Hasan Sheikh, member of community of interest on addiction medicine