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“Demand a Plan” gaining traction

The campaign calling for a national plan for seniors care is gaining more support daily from both the Canadian public and Canadian Medical Association (CMA) members.

The DemandaPlan campaign was launched by the CMA and other members of the Alliance for a National Seniors Strategy in March 2015 to support an advocacy initiative calling on all federal political parties to endorse the need for a national strategy to provide proper health and social services for seniors.

To date, more than 5,000 people have signed up to support the campaign at This puts the campaign well ahead of its scheduled goal to reach 10,000 supporters by October, when the federal election is scheduled.

In addition, almost 20,000 people have viewed the campaign video produced by the CMA and posted on YouTube, and 22,000 views have been logged on Facebook. There have also been more than 500 mentions of the campaign-related hashtag #seniorsplan on Twitter.

“The great interest shown in the website and this campaign demonstrates just how deeply Canadians and their physicians care about the need for seniors to receive proper care in this country,” said CMA President Chris Simpson.

“Comments I have seen posted on social media show just how the issues surrounding seniors care touch many people … prompting them to provide their personal support.”

Those who indicate support for the campaign on the website are receiving regular updates on seniors care issues as well as links to new videos and infographics explaining why seniors care is such a fundamentally important issue. The DemandaPlan website also provides information on upcoming local events related to seniors care.

“Canada’s seniors are not getting the health care they deserve — not even close,” said Simpson when the website was unveiled. “Our system was created over half a century ago to meet the needs of a much younger population, and we have not adapted to meet the growing number of aging Canadians.”

Those interested in supporting the campaign are encouraged to join in at .

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