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CMA Driver's Guide

Determining Medical Fitness to Operate Motor Vehicles
8th Edition

The CMA has been helping physicians keep Canadian highways, railway and skies safe for over 35 years. This eighth edition of the CMA Driver’s Guide — Determining Medical Fitness to Operate Motor Vehicles can assist physicians in assessing their patients’ ability to safely operate motor vehicles.

Features in this edition include:

  • section on dementia and mild cognitive impairment
  • updated sections on musculoskeletal disabilities, psychiatric illness, cerebrovascular diseases
  • expanded section on traumatic brain injuries, including concussion
  • revised section on reporting now includes:
    • information for physicians reporting to Transport Canada’s marine safety directorate when there are reasonable grounds to believe an existing medical or optometric
      • condition is likely to constitute a hazard to maritime safety
    • revised message from the Canadian Medical Protective Association

How to obtain your guide

The CMA reviews the guide annually to ensure that the information remains current and accurate.

Electronic version

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