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​Developing a Canadian approach to assisted dying

​Developing a Canadian approach to assisted dying

What’s next?

Education on end-of-life care and medical assistance in dying

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In order to provide our members with the information they need, the CMA is currently developing the following educational offerings:

  • Foundational online module:
    • to provide information on medical assistance in dying that may be of interest to all practising physicians, so they can (1) understand what is involved, (2) advise their patients and (3) make an informed decision about whether they should include this in their practice.
    • This module would not be expected to provide participants with the training needed to provide comprehensive care at the end of life or medical assistance in dying.
    • The module will be made available in mid-June through
  • Advanced face-to-face course:
    • to provide comprehensive education on topics related to end-of-life care, as well as advanced practical training for physicians who are considering offering medical assistance in dying to their patients.
    • Course sessions will take place on September 15-17 in Vancouver and on November 3-5 in Toronto.
    • Online registration for the courses will open in mid-June.
    • Completion of the online module is a pre-requisite for participation in the face-to-face course.

What we’ve done

The association’s members have had several opportunities to provide significant input to the association on assisted dying — one of the most important issues facing Canadian society today.

In 2014, members participated in a member-only online dialogue on end-of-life care that included discussions on palliative care, advance care planning, and assisted dying. In 2015, a second member-only dialogue asked members to weigh in on fundamental questions about how assisted dying should be implemented.

In response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s judgement in Carter v. Canada, the CMA developed Principles-based Recommendations on a Canadian Approach to Assisted Dying to guide the implementation of assisted dying. These recommendations are the product of extensive consultation with CMA members and key medical and health stakeholders. The recommendations are intended as a framework for the development of legislation and/or regulations on issues of particular importance for the physicians of Canada through the lens of the practising physician, who will be tasked with carrying out these activities.

To support the development of future legislation and/or regulations, the CMA has appeared before the Federal Expert Panel, the Provincial/Territorial Expert Advisory Group, and the Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Death to represent the physician perspective.

Engage with CMA

  • learn more about CMA’s efforts to engage with grassroots members and how you can get involved
  • provide your input into professional issues, clinical products and services and CMA policies by participating in Member e-Panel surveys (login required)
  • discuss key issues with your peers in the CMA Member Dialogue
  • participate in CMA’s Annual Meeting and General Council

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