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​End of life

Developing a Canadian approach to assisted dying

CMA is hosting an online dialogue on the topic of assisted dying. Join your colleagues in this important discussion and examine key questions such as:

  • What process should be followed after the patient requests assisted dying?
  • What can physicians do to ensure equal access to assisted death?
  • What resources would you require to support you as a physician when dealing with assisted dying?

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The Supreme Court of Canada has decided that in less than a year, patients will be able to legally seek out assisted dying. Physicians need to develop guidelines and safeguards to protect the vulnerable and reflect physicians’ perspectives.

CMA’s member dialogue offers the opportunity to provide feedback regarding how assisted dying should be implemented and how it may impact physicians and patients.

The online discussion highlights CMA’s current thinking, provides a forum for members to explore key issues and gives them the chance to identify their needs as physicians practising in this new landscape.

Members have provided important insights around conscientious objection and equitable access. This feedback is invaluable, and we need to hear more on how to put it into practice.