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​Developing a Canadian approach to assisted dying

What’s next?

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) continues to lead on this challenging question and is developing a core competency-based education program for physicians on the topic. The education program will be key in informing all physicians on the issues involved in this complex new area of practice, and provide training for those who elect to participate in assisted dying.

What we’ve done

The association’s members have had several opportunities to provide significant input to the association on assisted dying — one of the most important issues facing Canadian society today.

In 2014, members participated in a member-only online dialogue on end-of-life care including the provision of palliative care, advance care planning and assisted dying.

In 2015, a member dialogue website encouraged members to post comments and engage with their colleagues on fundamental questions about how assisted dying should be implemented.

The CMA appeared in October 2015 before the independent federal panel appointed to consider the federal government response to the Supreme Court ruling legalizing assisted dying, and before the Provincial/Territorial Expert Advisory Group established by the Ontario government to provide advice on the implementation of assisted dying.

In its submission, the CMA stated that the association “strongly recommends the establishment of national and coordinated legislative and regulatory processes and systems in response to the Carter decision.”

Engage with CMA

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  • provide your input into professional issues, clinical products and services and CMA policies by participating in Member e-Panel surveys (login required)
  • discuss key issues with your peers in the CMA Member Dialogue
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