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​End of life

Developing a Canadian approach to assisted dying

Members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) continue to be invested in and vocal about the sensitive issues around providing medical aid in dying and applaud the CMA for taking leadership on this challenging question.

Responding to the association’s online dialogue conducted this summer, close to 600 members shared their comments and concerns about fundamental issues related to assisted dying such as:

  • What process should be followed after the patient requests assisted dying?
  • What can physicians do to ensure equal access to assisted dying?
  • What resources would you require to support you as a physician when dealing with assisted dying?

The dialogue also aimed to gather feedback on a proposed framework, ' Draft principles-based recommendations for a Canadian approach to medical aid in dying' which was released by the CMA Board of Directors for consultation with members and stakeholders.

The summary report of this member dialogue will be presented and discussed at the CMA’s General Council (GC) meeting, Aug. 24–26 in Halifax.