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Committee on Ethics

Reports to: General Council annually, and to the CMA Board of Directors throughout the year

Terms of reference: The committee shall:

  1. elaborate, interpret and recommend amendments to the Code of Ethics
  2. address problems related to ethics referred to the association
  3. advise the association on matters pertaining to ethical issues that arise from scientific and technological progress in the health sciences and ethical issues of interest or concern to the medical profession
  4. advise the association on ethical issues related to its core strategies and priorities
  5. maintain the confidentiality of documents and, where appropriate, committee deliberations


  • 5 members selected on a regional basis (BC/Yukon, Prairie provinces/NWT, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic provinces). The members are elected on the basis of interest, experience and expertise, from a roster of candidates proposed to General Council by the Committee on Nominations, which allows for regional structure of the committee
  • 1 resident member elected by General Council
  • 1 student member elected by General Council
  • 1 board member appointed by and from within the Board of Directors
  • Chair: A chair elected by General Council on recommendation from the Committee on Nominations
  • Corresponding members: 1 member from each province or territory without a member on the committee
  • Observers: When necessary for the work of the committee, observers and guests may be invited to attend


  • Member: elected annually
  • Chair: elected annually

Quorum: 5 voting members

Secretariat: Office of Ethics, Professionalism and International Affairs

Meetings: At least two meetings per year, and teleconferences as required

Distribution of minutes: Members and observers of the committee, CMA provincial/territorial medical associations, Specialist Forum

Committee on Ethics