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CCPE: Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the CCPE certification program?
  2. Who administers the CCPE?
  3. Who is eligible?
  4. What are the requirements?
  5. Which of the two credential routes should I choose to apply for CCPE?
  6. What are the fees?
  7. How do I recertify?
  8. What if I’m interested in leadership but not ready yet?
  9. How do I contact CCPE Secretariat?
  1. What is the CCPE certification program?

    The CCPE credential is designed to assess and recognize physicians who demonstrate excellence in health care leadership.

    The CCPE Peer Assessment Panel evaluates applicants using the leadership capabilities framework defined in LEADS in a Caring Environment to identify key capabilities and competencies (expressed as skills, abilities and knowledge) that health care and health system leaders should possess and consciously develop across five domains:

    • lead self
    • engage others
    • achieve results
    • develop coalition
    • systems transformation

    The value of the credential lies both in its acknowledgment of one’s leadership capabilities and as a benchmark for advancing physician leadership in Canada.

  2. Who administers the CCPE?

    The credential is a joint initiative of Joule and the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders.

  3. Who is eligible?

    The credential is aimed at senior- and executive-level physician leaders who seek validation of their expertise, have a passion for leadership and aspire to higher levels of leadership. Examples of suitable professional roles include:

    • president or CEO
    • chief of staff or chief medical officer
    • vice-president, medical affairs/medicine
    • vice-president, other
    • department head, chief of service
    • medical or program director
    • senior academic leader
    • college registrar
    • medical officer of health
    • assistant deputy or deputy minister
    • national health association CEO or VP

  4. What are the requirements?

    Applicants must be a member of both CMA and CSPL. They must also be members in good standing of the applicable provincial licensing body. Applicants require a minimum five to 10 years of senior or executive leadership experience, depending on the credential route chosen, and a list of significant leadership accomplishments and educational experience.

  5. Which of the two credential routes should I choose to apply for CCPE?

    • PLI-academic route (replaces PMI-Academic route): Applicants have completed at least five full Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) leadership development courses within the past five years, and have five years of senior or executive health care leadership experience, with a focus on the LEADS realms of Develop Coalitions and Systems Transformation, as well as a minimum 20 additional CPD credits from other accredited leadership activities, ie, programs, further PLI physician leadership courses and/or accredited conferences. One-day PLI courses are valued at .5 of a course.
    • Practice eligibility route: Applicants are awarded the credential based on 10 or more years of progressive leadership in senior or executive positions. They must also have continuing educational achievements and documented evidence of leadership contributions that are significant and broad in scope.

    The application process requires:

    • completed CCPE application form and required documentation, including curriculum vitae, job descriptions and organization chart
    • leadership self-assessment
    • three referees’ written assessment of your leadership capabilities; referees are to include the person to whom you currently report, a physician colleague, and a third referee of your choosing (someone in a position to comment on your leadership capabilities in the domains of “Develop Coalitions” and “Systems Transformation”.)

    The referee assessments are treated as confidential, and are to be sent directly to the CCPE Secretariat.

    The application will require one or two days to complete, and your referees will need three to four hours to complete their assessments. Once your application has been screened for completeness by the CCPE Secretariat, it will be peer assessed by the CCPE Peer Assessment Panel, a group of three recognized physician leaders appointed by Joule and CSPL.

  6. What are the fees?

    Both routes: $1,050.00 + applicable taxes. The deadline for application is October 31 in the year of application.

  7. CCPE recipients are required to recertify after five years. They must provide an update on leadership experience, accomplishments and education acquired during the certification period. The recertification fee is $250 plus applicable taxes.

  8. What if I’m interested in leadership but not ready yet?

    Enrol in Joule’s PLI leadership development courses. These courses are all accredited for CPD credits and cover key leadership topics.

  9. How do I contact the CCPE Secretariat?

    Phone: 613-369-8322 x200

    CCPE Secretariat
    Canadian Society of Physician Leaders
    Suite 323, 875 Carling Avenue
    Ottawa, ON K1S 5P1