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​F.N.G. Starr Award

The F.N.G. Starr Award is the highest CMA award available to one of its members and recognizes outstanding and inspiring lifetime achievement.

Medallists have achieved distinction in one of the following ways:

  • making an outstanding contribution to science, the fine arts or nonmedical literature
  • serving humanity under conditions calling for courage or the endurance of hardship in the promotion of health or the saving of life
  • advancing the humanitarian or cultural life of his or her community
  • improving medical service in Canada

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2018 Dr. Andreas Laupacis
2017Dr. Donald Lalonde
2016 Dr. David Naylor
2015Dr. Norman Campbell
2014Dr. Anne Fanning
2013Dr. Julio Montaner
2012Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov
2010Dr. Josef Skála
2009Dr. Donald Rix
2008Dr. Vincent Échavé
2007Dr. Wilbert Keon
2006Dr. Henry Friesen
2005Dr. Albert Aguayo
2004Dr. Lorne Tyrrell
2003Dr. Allan R. Ronald
2002Dr. John Robert Evans
2001Dr. James Fraser Mustard
2000Dr. Donald Brian Calne
1999Dr. Richard B. Goldbloom
1998Dr. Harry William Bain
1997Dr. Robert Salter
1996Dr. John Bowman
1995Dr. Donald Wills Penner
1994Dr. Herbert Henri Jasper
1993Dr. Jean Davignon
1992Dr. Wilfred Gordon Bigelow
1991Dr. Henry J.M. Barnett
1990Dr. Fraser Newman Gurd
1989Dr. David Boyes
1988Dr. Robert Baird McClure
1987Dr. Lucille Teasdale
1986Dr. Charles George Drake
1985Dr. Gordon Waddell Thomas
1983Dr. Phil Gold
1982Dr. Jacques Genest
1979Dr. Armand Frappier
1978Dr. Gustave Gingras
1977Dr. Edmund Harry Botterell
1975Dr. William Boyd
1974Dr. W.C. Mackenzie
1972Dr. Hans Selye
1969Dr. Bruce Chown
1967Dr. Murray Barr
1965Dr. Wilder Penfield
1957Dr. Duncan A. Graham
1953Dr. Charles F. Martin
1951Dr. Alfred T. Bazin
1948Dr. T.C. Routley
1938Dr. J.S. McEachern
1936Dr. Charles Best
1936Dr. J.B. Collip
1936Sir Frederick Banting​​