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Frequently asked questions / Help

What is the CMA Community?

This is your space to connect with colleagues on the issues that matter to you and your patients. Join in peer-to-peer, expert discussion and collaborate on solutions with physicians, medical learners and health care experts from across the country.

How is my privacy protected on the CMA Community?

  • At the CMA, we are committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality.
  • The CMA Community is administered and moderated by the CMA, and governed by the Terms and Conditions of
  • Your comments will be posted under the username assigned to your account and will be viewable by other CMA members and CMA staff; members of the public do not have access to the CMA Community.
  • Any feedback used by the CMA will be used anonymously and will not be attributed directly to specific CMA members.

How do I participate in the CMA Community?

In order to participate in the CMA Community, you must be a CMA member and have a account and username.

Your comments will be posted under the username assigned to your account. To change your username, please contact the Member Service Centre at or toll-free at 888-855-2555.

I’m having difficulty logging into the CMA Community — who can I speak with?

If you need assistance logging in, please contact the Member Service Centre:

What topics will be discussed on the CMA Community?

The CMA Community will focus on key issues currently affecting Canadian physicians, their patients, and the health care system.

The CMA will post new themes and questions on an on-going basis. Some topics will be open for discussion for an extended period of time, while others will feed into time-sensitive policy development and advocacy work. When possible, the CMA will post details on how to obtain more information on a particular topic.

The CMA Community may also include guest posts from members and subject-matter experts. These posts will seek to explore issues from different perspectives in an online environment reserved to CMA members.

As such, please note that these posts do not necessarily represent the policies and positions nor their endorsement by the Canadian Medical Association.

The CMA will close individual discussion threads once the objectives of the discussion have been achieved or when a discussion has run its course. The content will be archived and available upon request by contacting

To suggest a topic for the CMA Community, please contact

Is the CMA Community bilingual?

Topics and discussion questions posted by the CMA and its administrators will be posted in both official languages. Participants are encouraged to comment on discussions in the official language of their choice. Comments posted by participants will not be translated.

Are comments posted on the CMA Community moderated?

Comments should be expressed in a professional manner, be respectful of differing opinions and be relevant to the topic at hand. Comments that do not comply with the Terms and Conditions of may be moderated and removed from the CMA Community.

How will the feedback from the CMA Community be used?

The feedback from the CMA Community will help the CMA to:

  • identify the issues that are most relevant to the medical profession and our members;
  • develop relevant policy and advocacy strategies, and;
  • identify tools and resources to support physicians in these areas.

Feedback may also be used to inform: member surveys, sessions at the CMA’s annual meeting, and meetings with members.

How can I get more involved in working with the CMA on issues and topics discussed on the CMA Community?

If you're interested in working with the CMA on a specific issue identified in the CMA Community, please contact

Join the e-Panel to provide ongoing feedback on professional issues, clinical products and services and health policies. e-Panel participants will be surveyed via email 4-6 times per year.

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