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Annual Meeting and General Council

Annual Meeting

The CMA's Annual Meeting includes a business session, open to all members, that considers business and matters referred by General Council. The General Council includes scientific and educational sessions designed to promote the medical and related arts.

The ceremonial installation of officers and presentation of awards also takes place.

General Council

General Council is the governing body and legislative authority of the CMA. It's responsible for providing high-level policy guidance and direction to the organization in general, and the board of directors in particular. It provides broad policy direction to CMA via the debate, discussion and passage of motions at General Council. It comprises:

  • members of the CMA Board of Directors
  • speaker and deputy speaker of General Council
  • each provincial or territorial division president
  • divisional representatives, the number based on membership (governed by bylaw)
  • chairs of certain committees
  • past presidents of the CMA, past speakers of General Council, past chairs of General Council, past chairs of the board of directors, and past secretaries general, for five years following completion of the term of office
  • surgeon general, Royal Canadian Medical Service
  • representatives from each CMA affiliated society

Who can attend

All CMA members are invited to attend General Council as non-voting observers. Other observers (non-members) attend by invitation.

Observers may attend open meetings of General Council, and may address the assembly with the approval of General Council and the permission of the Speaker. General Council meets each year at the time of the CMA Annual Meeting.

Annual reports and schedule of upcoming annual meetings and rotation

How to become CMA president

CMA Nomination and election procedures

Procedures for General Council

Procedures for disposition of General Council resolutions