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MD Physician Services at GC

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MD Physician Services (MDPS), the physician-focused financial management firm owned by the Canadian Medical Association, has several activities taking place at GC 2014.

Sun., Aug. 17

MDPS information session
3:15–4:15 pm
OCC Canada Hall 2, 3

Wine and cheese reception
4:30–6 pm
OCC Foyer outside Canada Hall 2, 3
After the information session, join us for complimentary wine and cheese, meet the panelists and mingle with colleagues while admiring the view of the Parliament buildings.

Mon., Aug. 18

Spouse/Companion Hospitality Centre breakfast
8–10:00 am
WO Governor General Ballroom I
MD is delighted to host a hot breakfast for spouses and companions to help you get your day in Ottawa started. Join us and receive a special treat!

Tues., Aug. 19

Luncheon presentation
12:25–1:45 pm
WO Confederation Ballroom II & III
Investment Perspectives and Insight: Join us for an interactive presentation with Bill Horton, CIO of MDPS, as he shares his perspectives and insight on MD’s investment management activities and market outlook.

Wed., Aug. 20

MD Physician Services stewardship report
8–8:15 am
OCC Canada Hall 2, 3
Take this opportunity to ask President and CEO Brian Peters and Dr. John Rapin, CMAH board chair, about how MD has become one of Canada’s most trusted money managers for physicians.

Aug. 16–20

Member Lounge
OCC Foyer outside Canada Hall
Did you know MD can you help you at every stage of your career?
Visit the Member Lounge to ask how we can help you with all your financial management needs. Drop by daily for your chance to win.

Aug. 18–20

Walk the Doc
6-7 am
WO Lobby
Join us for a fun, healthy start to each day. Various routes through downtown Ottawa will be led by the Academy of Medicine Ottawa and MDPS representatives. The first 100 participants receive some great gifts!