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​CMA and GoodLife/Énergie Cardio: great member discounts

The CMA knows that your well-being is important, so we partnered with Goodlife/Énergie Cardio to give you access to the benefits of exercise and healthy living. Take advantage of discounted membership rates for CMA members and their families.*

  • one-year or no-commitment membership options to Goodlife/Énergie Cardio
  • access to over 280 GoodLife Fitness and Energie Cardio clubs across Canada
  • the best strength and cardio equipment
  • personal training, health and nutrition programs (additional fee)
  • child-minding (additional fee)
  • professionally trained, friendly and supportive staff who can help you achieve your goals
  • access to saunas, pools, whirlpools and aqua classes (where applicable)
  • women-only facilities
  • Exclusive CMA rates starting at $429 ​for one year, plus applicable taxes
  • By-weekly memberships available as well

New enrollment and renewal process (starting September 12, 2016)

Goodlife/Énergie Cardio has gone completely paperless with its new online enrollment and renewal process, launching September 12, 2016.

The first step in your enrollment/renewal process starts here on the CMA website. In order for Goodlife/Énergie Cardio to confirm that you are a CMA member and entitled to the corporate member discount, you will need to provide them with a CMA Unique ID.

Click here to get your CMA Unique ID (Member login required)

* The physician must be enrolled with a Goodlife/Énergie Cardio membership through the online CMA corporate discount program and an active CMA member for the discount to be extended to (up to four) family members. To view Goodlife/Énergie Cardio's policy on minors, please visit the Goodlife/Énergie Cardio FAQ page:

For more information about obtaining your CMA unique ID number, please call or email the CMA Member Centre at 888-855-2555 or

For any questions regarding the Goodlife/Énergie Cardio online enrollment process, please contact their Member Experience Team at or 1-800-287-4631.