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Joule: Helping CMA members connect to the power of possibilities


“As a heart rhythm specialist who implants pacemakers and defibrillators, and uses energy — measured in joules (!) — therapeutically in my patients, I was instantly energized by our new brand.”

Dr. Chris Simpson
CMA Past President

Since 1867, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and its members have been part of countless life-changing innovations that have transformed medicine and patient outcomes. Building on this long history of innovation in the past and its vision for the future, the CMA has created JouleTM — a new subsidiary with the sole focus of providing products and services that empower physicians and meet their personal and point-of-care needs.

Delivering practical benefits to physicians

Joule delivers practical advantages to physicians every day through innovation grants and labs, health-hacking events, and trusted products and services. Joule aims to be at the heart of physician-led innovation by fostering connections and driving health changes that have beneficial effects. Joule believes that when ideas are collaborative, great things happen. Joule’s innovation and product development philosophies are underpinned by a commitment to work closely with physicians throughout all stages of their careers.

A compelling benefit of CMA membership

The trusted clinical resources, leadership courses, and information and knowledge services provided through CMA membership are now brought to physicians by Joule. Here are some of the products and services Joule provides to CMA members:


Joule Innovation is a unique program dedicated to facilitating physician-led innovation.

  • $150,000 physician innovation grants to invest in your vision.
  • Access to incubator labs to develop and test potential new products.
  • Joule H2 TM — hackathons for health connect physician-innovators and great ideas.

Digital connections

  • Joule app: Access trusted clinical and leadership resources and qualify for innovation grants.
  • Coming soon — Online innovation dialogue: Connect with your peers about new ideas and experiences.

Products and services

  • Online clinical resources: Access faster, better answers for patients and save $2,000 a year.
  • DynaMed Plus®: The next-generation clinical resource designed to decrease time to answer.
  • Quantum Clinical SearchTM: Your gateway to search clinical resources on
  • ClinicalKey®, RxTx Mobile app and other leading products.
  • CMAJ: Canada's leading general medical journal.

Professional development

There is growing evidence to support the CMA’s vision that leadership is crucial to the future of our healthcare system. That’s why helping physicians develop and enhance their leadership skills, and prepare them to be leaders within their practice, organization and the healthcare system as a whole, is one of Joule’s core values. The introduction of Joule gave the CMA the opportunity to give the Physician Management Institute (PMI) a new name — the Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) — to better reflect course focus on leadership rather than management. The Physician Leadership Institute will deliver the same leading physician leadership courses that have been successfully delivered by the CMA for more than 30 years while building its portfolio of online courses for easier, more convenient access. All courses will continue to be taught by the same best-in-class, expert physician and non-physician faculty team. With a 98% participant satisfaction rate*, the Physician Leadership Institute remains physicians’ number one choice for physician leadership courses in Canada.

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*based on 2014-15 physician participant survey results