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Joule™, the CMA’s newest company, is dedicated to making it easier for CMA members to be at their best. Whether you are searching for the best evidence to support your clinical decision-making, seeking accredited courses to develop your skills as a physician leader or looking to apply for a grant to advance your healthcare innovation, Joule provides products and services that are focused on your continued success.

Download the Joule app to access evidence-based clinical resources, register for accredited leadership courses and apply for innovation grants.

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Joule Innovation

At Joule, we believe that physicians are in a unique position to drive meaningful change in healthcare. As such, our energy is focused on stimulating physician-led innovation and removing the barriers to scalability.

Our innovation challenges promote collaboration and idea generation resulting in competitive new products that improve patient outcomes.

Our grant program identifies and funds ventures with a potential impact on national and global health care needs.

And, later this year, Joule will launch a new program that will promote the adoption of leading edge and novel health care solutions across the country.




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Physician leadership development

The Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) offers accredited learning opportunities designed to support physicians in their day-to-day challenges. Whether you manage a clinical team, work in an operating room or sit on a board, PLI courses help you build the practical skills you need to self-manage, communicate more effectively, influence change, motivate others and much more.

  • #1 source for physician leadership courses in Canada
  • Delivered to physicians for 30+ years
  • Earn RCPSC and CFPC credits

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Clinical resources

Need best evidence faster? Through Joule™, CMA members can access leading evidence-based online clinical tools and apps included in your membership. Access 1,200+ textbooks, 2,000+ journals, drug information, CPGs, patient education and more. Resources span across 30+ specialties.

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“Joule uniquely provides would-be clinical entrepreneurs with a pathway for scalable ideas to grow. Given its captive audience of more than 80,000 docs and the infrastructure Joule provides, the power to capture the imagination of physicians is unparalleled. "

Zayna Khayat, Senior Advisor, Health System Innovation at MaRS Discovery District