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In Memoriam

As a unique service for CMA members and their families, the CMA regularly publishes notices of deceased members.

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July, 2018

Achar, Ramachandra (Ram), North York, Ont.; Stanley Medical College (India), 1956; orthopedic surgery. Died June 6, 2018, aged 85. Survived by his wife Malathi, 3 children and 5 grandchildren. “Ram worked as an orthopedic surgeon in Cornwall, Ont., for 25 years. In 1998 he retired from surgery and began working as a consultant with the Workplace Safety Insurance Board in Ottawa.”

Alison, Ruth E. (Aunt Ruth), Toronto; University of Toronto, 1951; internal medicine. Died May 26, 2018, aged 91. “She worked in Bella Bella, BC, before practising oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto for 30 years. A strong believer in treating body, mind and spirit, she connected with her patients first as a human being and second as a doctor. During the Terry Fox years, Dr. Alison became the first female president of the Canadian Cancer Society. In retirement she became a chaplain, serving at Ontario’s Peel Memorial Hospital.”

Beaton, Anita C., Barrie, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1951; anesthesiology. Died May 17, 2018, aged 91. Survived by 3 children and 3 grandchildren. “Anita married Dr. Edward James Beaton in 1952, and moved to Barrie in 1959 to work at the Royal Victoria Hospital.”

Beauchesne, Claude, Sherbrooke, Que.; Université de Montréal, 1959; anatomic pathology. Died May 14, 2018, aged 83. Survived by his wife, Michelle Gaudreau, 2 children, and the mother of his children, Francine Larocque.

Bergeron, Pierre, Alma, Que.; Université Laval, 1982. Died June 9, 2018, aged 58. Survived by 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Bojanowski, Teodor (Ted), Belcarra, BC; McMaster University, 1981; otolaryngology; past president, BC Otolaryngology Society and BC Society of Specialist Physicians and Surgeons. Died April 25, 2018, aged 64. Survived by his wife Belle and 2 children. “Ted was active in numerous professional and community projects, and also served on the Emergency Services Committee in the Village of Belcarra, which was his home for 29 years. He also worked as a visiting ENT specialist in Whitehorse, Yukon.”

Breault, Jacques, St-Lambert, Que.; Université de Montréal, 1965; psychiatry. Died April 19, 2018, aged 77. Survived by his wife, Aline Bernier, 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Bruce, Ian F., Edinburgh, Scotland; University of Edinburgh, 1947. Died May 16, 2018, aged 94. Survived by his wife Margaret, 2 children and 3 grandchildren. “He was a respected doctor and surgeon who practised in Scotland, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.”

Cowan, Larry H., Hamilton; University of Western Ontario, 1951. Died May 6, 2018, aged 91. Survived by his wife Barbara Jane, 3 children and 7 grandchildren. “After medical school Larry moved to the Hamilton ‘mountain,’ where he set up his very successful family practice and cared for his large number of patients for 51 years.”

Eddy, Robert G., Brantford, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1955; family medicine; former chief of staff, St. Joseph’s Hospital. Died Feb. 27, 2018, aged 88. Survived by his wife Sandra, 2 children, 2 stepchildren, 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. “Dr. Eddy was dedicated to his patients and profession, and was loved and respected by many. In addition to having his own practice for 55 years, he served on many boards and as head of the United Way.”

Epstein, Menu, North York, Ont.; Carol Davila University (Romania); 1951. Died May 5, 2018, aged 94.

Haw, Beverley G., Scarborough, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1953. Died May 15, 2018, aged 91. Survived by 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. “Bev served in the Canadian military for 2 years before graduating from medical school. He was in private practice until he retired in 1992. Having fought cancer since 1998, Bev was briefly in palliative care at the Scarborough General Hospital, where he had been an emergency physician for almost 40 years. His was a full life that touched many.”

Hazzi, Nabil Y., Québec; Alexandria University (Egypt), 1954; general surgery. Died May 22, 2018, aged 92. Survived by his wife, Théodora Chrissanthou, 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Heydenrych, Siegfriedt L., Cold Lake, Alta.; University of Stellenbosch (South Africa), 1989; family medicine. Died May 27, 2018, aged 52. “He had a passion and unstoppable determination from a very young age to become a doctor, to help people and to make a difference.” A parent wrote: “We were fortunate to have him as the anesthesiologist when one of our children needed dental surgery. Afterwards he even gave the stuffed animal she took with her some stitches that she could remove when she felt better.”

Hunt, John A., West Vancouver; University of London (England), 1950; internal medicine. Died June 6, 2018, aged 91.

Inglis, John E. (Jack), St. Catharines, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1962. Died June 3, 2018, aged 81. Survived by 2 daughters, 3 grandsons, his wife, Irene Edgar, and 4 stepdaughters. “Jack attended a 1-room schoolhouse near Rockwood, Ont., and then went on to graduate from medical school. He was a highly respected and devoted family physician in Brampton, Ont., for 40 years. He delivered more than 600 babies, made hundreds of house calls and performed countless rounds at Peel Memorial Hospital during his rewarding career.”

Johns, David R., Springwater, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1965; obstetrics and gynecology. Died May 28, 2018, aged 78. Survived by his wife Joyce, 2 children, 2 stepchildren and 5 grandchildren. “David was a long-standing obstetrician and gynecologist in the Barrie, Ont., area who delivered thousands of children over the years.”

Johnston, Lalia A., Halifax; Dalhousie University, 1962. Died June 11, 2018, aged 82. Survived by 3 children, 4 grandchildren and a step-granddaughter. “In 1956 she became 1 of 4 women in a medical class with over 80 men. Upon her graduation from Dalhousie she received the Dr. R.O. Jones Award for Distinction in Psychiatry. She was a true trailblazer, completing medical school and going on to practise at the Nova Scotia Hospital for her entire career. Another major accomplishment was being a wonderful mother to her 3 children while working full time, a rarity in her day.”

Joseph, Paul K. (PK), Halifax; University of Ibadan (Nigeria), 1974; radiation oncology; former clinical director, Nova Scotia Cancer Centre; former head, radiation oncology, Dalhousie University; former head, cancer program, QE II Hospital; first president of the medical staff, QE II Hospital. Died June 3, 2018, aged 66. Survived by 3 children and a grandson. “After earning his medical degree he completed his training in radiation oncology at the University of Alberta’s Cross Cancer Institute, followed by a fellowship at the University of Saskatchewan. He was an associate professor at Dalhousie University and was a well-respected leader in medicine and an instrumental voice in the shaping of cancer treatment in Nova Scotia during his many years of practice. Countless patients and their families have expressed their gratitude for his kindness and expert care. He was a tireless advocate for patients and believed in equity and access for all.”

Khullar, Renu, Ottawa; University of Alberta, 1986; family medicine. Died May 16, 2018, aged 59, “after an un-choreographed dance with breast cancer.” Survived by a son and her son’s father, Bert Buettner. “After leaving medical school her goal to become bilingual by moving to Quebec temporarily, and then to return to small-town Alberta to serve the French community, never materialized. She did become fluent in French, but settled into life in Montréal, then Gatineau, Que. In Québec she had success as an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill, where she taught residents and students about low-risk obstetrics and old-fashioned cradle-to-grave family practice. Former trainees still remember the wisdom and common sense she shared. She had 30 years of caring for families, sometimes 4 generations at a time, and treasured every day as one in which she could help somebody. She was much loved by patients, colleagues and staff, and was gratified to have served in French.”

Kingston, Robert, Coaldale, Alta.; University of Sheffield (England), 1966. Died June 6, 2018, aged 75.

Little, John M., Dorval, Que.; McGill University, 1961; ophthalmology. Died June 10, 2018, aged 79. Survived by his wife, Maureen Quelch, 5 children and 12 grandchildren. “John was director of ophthalmology at the Montreal Children’s Hospital for 22 years and also served as a retinal surgeon at the Montreal General Hospital for many years. He was involved with many medical organizations and worked on many committees. John was also founding president of the Canadian Association of Pediatric Ophthalmologists, and it was his privilege to serve as ophthalmologic consultant to the Montreal Canadiens for 43 years.”

Loach, Lynn F., Toronto; University of Toronto (U of T), 1959; internal medicine. Died May 26, 2018, aged 84. Survived by his wife Mary Ann, 4 children and 6 grandchildren. “Lynn had a long career as an internist at the Toronto General Hospital, where he was instrumental in establishing the hospital’s first intensive care unit. He was a dedicated clinician who cared deeply for the well-being of his patients, and he passed on his love of medicine to many generations of medical students as an associate professor of medicine at the U of T.”

Michaud, Richard, Outremont, Que.; Université de Montréal, 1960; psychiatry. Died May 20, 2018, aged 85.

Pelletier, Urgel, Sept-Îles, Que.; Université Laval, 1960. Died June 2, 2018, aged 89. Survived by his wife, Jeannine Gagnon Pelletier, 3 children and 9 grandchildren.

Prout, Gwen, Crescent Beach, BC; University of British Columbia, 1969. Died May 23, 2018, aged 86. Survived by her husband, Frank Stewart. A colleague wrote: “Our class medical historian has become a beloved part of the history of medicine.”

Rastogi, Hirsch, Hamilton; King George’s Medical College (India), 1960; internal medicine, gastroenterology. Died May 27, 2018, aged 80. Survived by his wife Indra, 2 children and 4 grandsons. “Hirsch completed his gastroenterology fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. In 1967 he moved to Hamilton to establish his practice in that field — a practice that would span 4 decades and serve the greater Hamilton community and beyond.”

Rother, Irving, Toronto; University of Toronto, 1943; internal medicine. Died May 29, 2018, aged 98. Survived by 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. “Irving touched the lives of many in his extended family and community.”

Rounthwaite, Harry L., Corunna, Ont.; McGill University, 1949; general surgery. Died May 3, 2018, aged 94. Survived by his wife Jeanne, 2 sons, 2 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. “During WW II he served with the Royal Canadian Navy and participated in the D-Day landings aboard the minesweeper HMCS Thunder. During his medical career he was chief of surgery at the Sarnia General and St. Joseph’s hospitals, and was on the Board of Directors of the Victorian Order of Nurses.”

Speakman, John S., Toronto; University of Toronto, 1952; ophthalmology; Member, Order of Canada. Died May 13, 2018, aged 90. Survived by his wife Betty, 5 children and 5 grandchildren. “John was a caring and dedicated physician and the source of inspiration for generations of ophthalmologists. He was instrumental in making the eye department at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre one of the major teaching units at the University of Toronto. For more than 4 decades, John was also at the forefront of providing eye-care services in the High Arctic. This exposure to Canada’s North had a profound and life-long effect on him. Outside of medicine, his concern for the natural environment led to his lifetime support of the Nature Conservancy of Canada. In particular, he supported its effort to protect and preserve the Carden Alvar, a unique natural landscape east of Orillia, Ont.”

Templeton, John, Barlaston, England; Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland), 1961; orthopedic surgery. Died April 30, 2018, aged 80.

Thibault, H. Jacques, Québec; Université Laval, 1960; anatomic pathology, neuropathology. Died March 21, 2018, aged 85. Survived by his wife, Raymonde Lévesque, 4 children and 7 grandchildren. “Originally a general practitioner in Grand-Mère, he later specialized in anatomic pathology in Quebec City and then in neuropathology at Yale University. He was a former head of laboratories at Centre Hospitalier Robert Giffard, a consultant for various hospitals in Quebec and a lecturer at Université Laval. He wrote numerous scientific articles about neuropathology, and organized 2 congresses in Quebec City for the Canadian Association of Neuropathology.”

Tu, Jack V., North York, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1988; internal medicine, cardiology; PhD. Died May 30, 2018 aged 53. Survived by his wife Jane and a son. “Jack was a leading international cardiovascular epidemiologic researcher, who received numerous awards and much recognition for his work. The cardiovascular health services research world will greatly miss one of its superstars. He was a mentor, supervisor, friend and colleague to many, and his passing will also be deeply felt at his work home, the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He has been described as an ‘absolute giant in the field of cardiovascular medicine,’ ‘an amazing researcher,’ ‘an outstanding leader’ and ‘a legend that contributed so much to Canadian Science.’ More importantly, friends and colleagues described him as an outstanding individual, and ‘the most generous, kind man.’ Jack was taken from us way too soon, but not without leaving his mark.” A colleague wrote: “He was truly a Canadian superstar, and he had big dreams for the future. His students will now carry the torch.”

Waterman, Fern K., North York, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1971. Died May 10, 2018, aged 75.

Williamson, Edythe E. (Evelyn), Belleville, Ont.; Queen’s University, 1950. Died May 16, 2018, aged 92. Survived by 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. “Although she was 1 of only 4 women in her class and among the first dozen women to graduate from Queen’s in medicine, Evelyn considered herself more of an advocate for change than a pioneer. She loved her work and dedicated 52-plus years to the Department of Psychiatry and the Mental Health Clinic at Belleville General Hospital (BGH). She was blessed with genuine optimism, an incredible sense of humour and an abundance of common sense that she used in every facet of her life. These qualities, combined with her professionalism and sheer tenacity, made her a favourite among her colleagues. In 1996 she became BGH’s first female chief of staff, and she helped steer the hospital through its Quinte Health Care amalgamation process. During her tenure at BGH, she also served as chief of psychiatry. In a field dominated by men, she challenged the norm and rose to the top, commanding respect for her accomplishments and loving every second of the demanding work. She continued to practise medicine well after her eligibility for retirement because of her love and commitment to her profession. In fact, the only obstacle she had difficulty mastering was retirement, having to take 3 tries at it before finally stepping away from medicine at age 82. ‘As long as I am qualified and needed then I want to contribute as much as I can,’ she stated.”

Yoon, Shu H., Dartmouth, NS; Seoul National University (South Korea), 1956; urology. Died May 30, 2018, aged 89. Survived by 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. “Dr. Yoon was a urologist at the Halifax Infirmary, Camp Hill and Dartmouth General hospitals, and was in private practice for many years. He was also a published author engaged in the constant pursuit of knowledge.”