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​May Cohen Award for Women Mentors

The May Cohen Award for Women Mentors is presented to a woman physician who has demonstrated outstanding mentoring by:

  • encouraging, facilitating and supporting a mentee in career and leadership development
  • contributing to the success of a mentee through the sharing of insight, perspective and knowledge based on the mentor's experience
  • helping the mentee develop a network of relationships that might not normally be available early in a career
  • acting as an effective role model in medicine or medical leadership

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2018 Dr. Janice Willett
2017Dr. Gillian Hawker
2016 Dr. Brenda Millar
Dr. Susan Swiggum
2015 Dr. Allison McGeer
2014 Dr. Barbara Stubbs
2013 Dr. Wendy Levinson
2012Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz
2011Dr. Elizabeth MacRae​
2010Dr. Linda Uniat
2009Dr. Catharine Whiteside
2008 Dr. Helen Garson
2007Dr. Anne Fanning
2006Dr. Louise Caouette Laberge
2005Dr. Laurie Morrison
2004 Dr. Robin McLeod
2003Dr. Jenny Heathcote
2002Dr. Rose Goldstein
2001Dr. May Cohen ​