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August 14 - Healthcare system needs to catch up to the requirements of the Google Generation

August 7 - New CMA/Ipsos report to highlight growing healthcare generation gap driven by tech-savvy Canadians 18-34

August 1 - CMA to support communities of interests to spark change in Indigenous health, gender equity, marginalized communities, MAiD and substance use

July 26 - CMA’s call to action opens the door for federal government to support much-needed United Nations Convention on the Rights of Older Persons

July 25 - The CMA takes its work on seniors care to the United Nations

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August 13 - Shaping the Future of Health and Medicine

July 17 - Conference Board of Canada: Meeting the Care Needs of Canada’s Aging Population.

August 21 - Medical Innovation Report

Speeches Archive

July 24 - Meeting of the UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing: Address to the ILCC Side-event

April 18 - Dr. Laurent Marcoux - Opening Remarks - Senate Cannabis Study- April 18 2018

March 1 - Tax reform and the innovation agenda: Maintaining the ability for businesses to drive innovation in Canada

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