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Resident physicians

CMA Membership Pays For Itself

  • JouleTM – a CMA company with trusted resources that make it easier to be at your best
    Value: Exclusive CMA member rates
  • ClinicalKey® - books, journals, multimedia, patient education and more
    Value: $1,200 a year
  • DynaMed PlusTM - evidence-based point-of-care summaries
    Value: $395 a year
  • CPS on the RxTx Mobile App - the CPS (Rx) and Drug Choices (Tx) apps
    Value: $500 a year
  • Ask a Librarian Service - customized expert research assistance
    Value: $90/hr

CMA Membership Delivers Exclusive Benefits

  • New in Practice guide - essential advice for resident physicians before they enter practice
  • MD Financial Management - provides personalized financial planning to help pay down debt and start investing
  • CMAJ - original clinical research, analyses, reviews and more in print, at, and on the CMAJ app
  • The CMA career centre at

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Transitioning to residency?

We’ve got you covered.

The CMA’s Transition to Residency Guide covers many helpful topics you’ll need to know for your transition to residency.