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Member Outreach Program

Engaging CMA members, in order to better understand and act on their needs

The Member Outreach Program is an informal opportunity for grassroots members to provide input, ask questions and exchange ideas about the CMA's agenda and priorities. This is an opportunity to listen and to hear comments and concerns directly from members.


  • to initiate dialogue with physicians to better understand how they perceive the CMA, and learn what the association can do to represent them more effectively
  • to obtain member feedback on key issues such as health human resources, wait times, public-private facilities, infrastructure
  • to hear from grassroots members — not necessarily those who traditionally attend CMA events
  • to inform physicians where the CMA stands on issues

How to book a Member Outreach Program initiative

The CMA is eager to connect directly with members.

Whenever possible, CMA staff will coordinate the association's presence within an officer's existing travel schedule. To lessen logistical challenges and expand opportunities, videoconferencing may also be used to connect various locations across the country. If the CMA president is unavailable, current CMA officers may host member outreach meetings.

Email to request a CMA presence at your local event. Remember, the CMA assumes all hospitality costs associated with member outreach initiatives.

Member Outreach