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Naylor to address General Council

Dr. David Naylor – who headed an advisory panel looking at how to bring innovation to the Canadian health care system – has been added as a keynote plenary speaker at the Mon., Aug. 24 session of the Canadian Medical

Association’s annual General Council meeting.

The report of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation, chaired by Naylor and commissioned by the federal government, was released without fanfare by the government last month.

Creating a new Healthcare Innovation Agency of Canada that would administer a national health innovation fund to enhance the quality and value of health care over the next decade was the report’s key recommendation.

“This is an exciting opportunity for General Council delegates to hear first-hand about the work (of) and recommendations from the panel,” said Canadian Medical Association President Chris Simpson.

The CMA recommendations to the panel centred on ways the health care system could innovate to provide high quality care to seniors more efficiently and effectively. Developing a national seniors strategy that would drive improvements and better integrate care for seniors, and in turn create more breathing room across the system, is a critical issue for the CMA.

“We feel many of the recommendations … are sound and hope the federal government will take action to explore their implementation,” Simpson commented when the report was released. “We are especially pleased to see the panel adopt verbatim the advice contained in (our) association’s own submission to the panel concerning a national health innovation fund.”

In a joint news release from the CMA, Canadian Nurses Association, Canadian Pharmacists Association and HealthCareCan following the release of the report, Simpson applauded the panel’s call for the federal government “to take a more active role in planning the health care system and help galvanize consensus around structural reforms.”

He added: “This is particularly important given the growing and evolving health care needs of our aging population.”

The four largest pan-Canadian health organizations welcome the overall direction set by the Advisory Panel’s final report.

In another change to the GC agenda for Monday, there will be no address from the federal minister of health or other representative of the federal government.

While the health minister traditionally provides the opening keynote address at GC, the minister’s attendance was precluded by the federal election campaign currently in progress.

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