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New generations welcomed to GC

Acknowledging the importance of the younger physician community, the meeting in Halifax will offer several opportunities specifically for students, residents and early career physicians.

“The CMA recognizes the importance of the new generation of medical students and physicians as the future of medicine in Canada and the association itself,” said CMA President Chris Simpson. The Gen X and Y segments of the population (those born between 1965 and 1998) now comprise almost half of all CMA members.

“This year the CMA Board of Directors explicitly directed that General Council be more welcoming for Gen X and Gen Y members,” added Simpson, who is the CMA’s first Gen X president.

The CMA ambassador program, which last year gave 10 local medical students the chance to experience GC, has been expanded to 30 individuals.

Ten medical students, 10 residents and 10 physicians in the early stages of their career have been selected from the Atlantic provinces, and are sponsored to actively attend and participate in GC 2015 activities. Participants will be able to connect and network with peers, colleagues and mentors on issues of importance to both them and the medical profession.

On Tuesday afternoon, a special one-hour strategic session will discuss building momentum for change in the postgraduate medical training system.

Developed in partnership with Resident Doctors of Canada, the committee-of-the-whole session will discuss the “inertia” of the current system and the need for reforms to ensure all Canadian medical school graduates have access to the proper postgraduate training to ensure they meet societal needs and can find proper employment.

Residents and others will also be invited to participate virtually in this session.

On Wednesday afternoon another special session is planned for all medical students, residents and early career physicians to encourage them to provide input on how the CMA can better engage with them and meet their needs.

For medical students, leaders of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) will co-host a one-hour session on Sun. Aug. 23, in conjunction with MD Financial Management (MD).

CFMS President Dr. Bryce Durafourt and President-Elect Anthea Girdwood will be joined by Mike Gassewitz, executive vice president, Member Solutions, MD, and others, for an interactive discussion on what MD is doing for the next generation of physicians. The two organizations recently signed a collaborative partnership that makes MD the exclusive financial services partner of the CFMS.

In addition to these events, medical students and other younger delegates and observers to General Council are invited to participate – to the same degree as all delegates and observers – in Members’ Hour and GC debates.

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