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List of programs

An accreditation status is indicative of the level of compliance with accreditation criteria; programs that demonstrate compliance with all five accreditation requirements are accorded a 6-year status and partial compliance accorded a two-year status.

Given Joule’s decision to divest, the accreditation term for all programs will expire on February 1, 2018. However, it would be the prerogative of the body assuming the accreditation role to acknowledge the Conjoint Accreditation Services status (and associated term) in order to facilitate a seamless transition and maintain current accreditation cycles.

Last updated: October 05, 2017

Here is a list of professional bodies and accredited and registered programs by province.

Profession-specific notices

Health Science Professions Programs* Contact and Partner sites
Cardiology technology8238
Cardiovascular perfusion339
Clinical genetics228
Diagnostic medical sonography16515
Magnetic resonance imaging8193
Medical laboratory assistant3366
Medical laboratory technology21274
Nuclear medicine technology6134
Ophthalmic medical assisting technology33
Orthoptics/Ophthalmic medical technologist11
Physician assistant4108
Radiation therapy technology945
Radiological technology24331
TOTAL 198 2142

*includes accredited and registered programs as well as programs with administrative statuses such as withdrawals and closures.

For more information contact: Conjoint Accreditation Services