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Past physician health conferences

2013 Canadian Conference on Physician Health

Harnessing wisdom across generations to promote physician health

Much of the discussion at this conference, which is held every two years, focused on enhancing health in the medical education system and bringing forward intergenerational perspectives to improve physician health and workplace culture.


Remembering our past: A beacon for today and tomorrow — Dr. Michael Myers (podcast)

Addressing disruptive behaviour throughout the physician lifecycle — Drs. James Sproule, Todd Watkins and Paul Farnan (podcast)

Debate: Be it resolved that digital connectivity is a positive determinant of physician health (podcast)

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2012 AMA-CMA-BMA International Conference on Physician Health

From awareness to action

The conference, held every two years, demonstrated how the focus within physician health has shifted from concentration on individual doctors with substance abuse or other problems to a more general concern about helping to maintain the health and well-being of the profession. Speakers pointed out that while healthy physicians are likely to encourage healthy lifestyles in their patients, stressed physicians are more likely to jeopardize patient safety.

Presentations, reports

Report on the AMA-CMA-BMA 2012 International Conference on Physician Health

Mindfulness in medicine — Introduction to mindfulness meditation

Plenary sessions

Finding meaning, balance and personal satisfaction in the practice of medicine
Dr. Tait Shanafelt

Non Clinical Approach Mental Health in the Workplace
Lt.-Col. (ret'd.) Stéphane Grenier

Article: A new way to look at an old problem: making space for peer support

Building on collective experience — Bridging the gap between knowing and doing
Dr. Richard Gunderman

Debate: Nature versus nurture ― To improve physician satisfaction and behaviour in the medical workplace, we must focus on individual self-awareness rather than institutional policy
Moderator: Dr. Marquis Fortin
Panellists: Dr. Debbie Cohen, Dr. Luis Sanchez, Dr. Karen Shaw, Dr. Ruth Vander Stelt
Debate results

Oct. 25

Four key qualities for improving workplace civility
M. Leiter

What keeps future doctors healthy? Design and first results of a resource-oriented longitudinal study
T. Köetter, Y. Tautphäus, E. Voltmer

Brief empathic interventions by peers: students helping students combat burnout in medical school
A. Regenbogen, E. Valenti

A CBT approach to stress reduction: a primer for physicians
C. Holly, L. Linardatos, C. Da Costa, I. Lowensteyn

Complications et erreurs médicales : passer d’une culture de blâme à une culture de sécurité (French only)
C. Rajotte, S. Roman

Balint groups as a practical means to finding control at work
K. Toivola

Weathering the perfect storm: life preservers for leaders
L. Clever

Oct. 26

Quebec federation of medical students well-being survey
M. Plaisance

Working towards a policy for parenthood and family/work reconciliation during residency training
E. Desrosiers, J. Hallet

A randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of facilitated small group sessions on physician well-being and job satisfaction
C. West, L. Dyrbye, J. Sloan, T. Shanafelt

The psychology of struggling professionals - insight - a challenge that matters
Dr. Nick Brown, Dr. Martin Rhodes

Le médecin qui dérange (French only)
C. Johnson

From physician ill-health to physician wellness; Defining resilience; The look and feel of resilience
J. de Grood, M. Gautam, A. Polachek, J. Wallace, J. Lemaire

A risky business - medical students’ perspectives on factors that impact on their well-being during training
D. Cohen, M. Rhydderch

Promoting student well-being in medical education: a behind the scenes approach
C. Brazeau

The medical executive mindset: mindfulness-based training to counteract professional burn-out and disruptive conduct
J. Whipple, M. Söderberg, S. Stacy

Burnout syndrome among all French general practitioner trainees
E. Galam, A. Le Tourneur, V. Komly

The McGill Medwell Challenge: training medical students in disease prevention and health promotion
C.D. Holly, R. Montoro, N. Gupta, S. Lemieux, I. Lowensteyn, D. DaCosta, S. Grover

Depressive and anxiety symptoms in academic physicians
R. Lam

Preventing milestones from turning into mill stones: teaching a psychological and skills-based approach to managing transitions along the physician life cycle
C. Hurst, S. Edwards

Weathering the perfect storm: life preservers for leaders
– L. Hawes Clever

Suivre un médecin et rester zen! (French only)
- S. Roman, C. Rajotte

Saturday, October 27, 11 a.m.

Deux ans de prise en charge de l'épuisement professionnel dans deux régions françaises (French only)
M. Marpinard, L. Solvignon, Myriam Danh Pha, P. About, C. Maillet, J. Thévenot, J. M. Soulat

Standardization of data collection based on the "Guide for common indicators for Canadian physician health programs"
T. Brandon

Monitored physicians diagnosed with psychosis related to a psychiatric condition
J. Albuquerque

A CBT approach to stress reduction: a primer for physicians
C. Holly, L. Linardatos, D. Da Costa, I. Lowensteyn

Suivre un médecin et rester zen! (French only)
S. Roman, C. Rajotte

Resident health and well-being: building resilience
A. Gaudet, S. Collins, S. Cummings

The psychology of struggling professionals — Insight - a challenge that matters
N. Brown,  M. Rhodes

Dialogue for change: from awareness to action
J. Lemaire