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Pharmaceutical issues

The CMA believes prescription drugs are a vital part of Canadian health care, and that Canadians should have access to medically necessary pharmaceuticals that are:

  • safe and effective
  • available when and where they are needed
  • available at reasonable cost

Minimizing the impact of drug shortages

Drug shortages are having a detrimental impact on health care delivery across Canada. The CMA has advocated for a thorough examination of the drug supply system to identify points where supply problems can be corrected. Solutions need to involve the entire supply chain, from manufacturers through to health care providers and all levels of government.

The CMA has participated in a multi-stakeholder steering committee on drug shortages. This committee works with Health Canada to support the development of resources, such as:

  • A toolkit that clarifies roles and responsibilities of key players.
  • A protocol for the notification and communication of drug shortages.
  • The Canadian Drug Shortages database, which pharmaceutical companies must use to report drug shortages.