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Facilitating meetings

A common complaint of many physicians and physician leaders is wasted time and energy at meetings. Every minute spent at a meeting is a minute not spent with a patient. Therefore, it compels those who lead meetings to consider what’s required to help participants be productive and feel engaged. Meetings that are designed to tap into the “group brilliance” will leave leaders and participants feeling that their time has been well spent.

This course will help leaders make the transition from meeting chair to facilitator. This shift in mindset and the accompanying skills will focus on best practices for increasing engagement and productivity, including how to:

  • create a safe, productive and comfortable “learning space”
  • be perceived as empathic and approachable, less directive and less authoritarian
  • foster team problem-solving and decision-making.

Return on investment

  • Distinguish between traditional and facilitative leadership
  • Implement strategies for engaging team members by creating a climate of collegiality and trust.
  • Identify key elements for leading productive meetings (live, teleconferences and virtual) to help team members stay focused and productive.
  • Manage disruptive or dysfunctional meeting behaviour.
  • Differentiate between consensus and other types of team decision-making.


1 day

Maximum class size

40 participants

Faculty team

Monica Olsen, BScN, BA, MHRD
Mary Yates, BA (Hon), Med

Dates, prices and to register

For open-enrolment PLI course information please call 800-663-7336 x8455 or e-mail