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​Leadership for medical women: strengthen your leadership capacity

Current research strongly suggests that today’s leader succeeds by creating positive and productive relationships, which includes the ability to make strong connections, share a vision, and inspire others toward a common goal. Women physicians can leverage their natural abilities to exercise their leadership skills in a variety of venues, some of which may be in a male-dominated environment. This workshop provides a rare opportunity for women physicians to slow down, reflect and examine their current or future leadership roles. This course focuses on deepening self-awareness and self-knowledge, identifying and developing individual skills and strengths, and highlighting capabilities necessary to address and successfully meet challenges unique to women leaders in medicine. Each participant will have the insights and tools to create a customized leadership development plan, and identify practical first steps.

Return on investment

  • Explore the leadership direction that resonates most strongly with you.
  • Leverage your natural strengths to more effectively engage others and address factors that may be limiting your success.
  • Identify what influences leadership and recognize both internal and external factors affecting the career progression of medical women today.
  • Learn specific strategies to become more effective as a medical woman leader.
  • Identify opportunities to drive and support female physician leadership in our current and emerging complex health care system.


2 days

Maximum class size

30 participants

Faculty team

Mamta Gautam, MD, MBA, FRCPC, CPDC, CCPE
Monica Olsen, MHRD, BScN, BA

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