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Managing people effectively

Physicians frequently assume positions of leadership because it’s their turn or nobody else wants to “do it.” Some physicians voluntarily agree to become a physician leader because they honestly want to make a difference. The problem is that no one teaches them how to be a leader or manager. The only training most physicians receive is by watching others in the role or by unintentionally making (often painful) mistakes. The hospital business is complex and sophisticated, and hospital leaders — whether administrators or physicians — need a sophisticated set of management competencies to be successful. This course focuses on management rather than leadership: the “how to’s” for successfully executing the day-to-day people development requirements of the physician leader role.

Return on investment

  • Discuss the challenges of the physician leader role as a manager of people.
  • Describe the accountabilities and roles of the physician leader in an organization.
  • Outline the key components and requirements of the human resource development cycle.
  • Design and apply best-practice techniques to optimize effectiveness in the human resource development cycle (i.e., behavioural interview, constructive performance conversation).
  • Identify best practices for leading meetings to increase engagement and productivity.


2 days

Maximum class size

40 participants

Faculty team

Jamie Campbell, MEd, BA (Dist.)
Monica Olsen, MHRD, BScN, BA
Mary Yates, BA (Hon), Med

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