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Strategic thinking for results

(formerly Strategic planning: from action to results)

A strategic plan needs to be a living document that contributes to a health care organization’s responsibility to transform itself into the future. The strategic planning process brings to life two responsibilities of leadership: achieving results and transforming systems. The process to create a strategic plan is presented as a relevant, creative and collaborative leadership endeavour that establishes a clear and compelling set of actions to move a health care organization into its preferred future. Conducting an environmental scan, and using evidence and information from your experience as a physician in the health care sector, you will tackle a real-life strategic issue with other participants. At the end of the session, you and your team will present relevant strategic actions to address that issue. In the process, you will help shape a vision for change, determine the root causes of challenges that your organization needs to address and establish desired results. You will explore strategies, such as appreciative inquiry and effective change leadership, to engage key stakeholders in assisting with implementation of your plan. And, finally, you’ll learn methods for monitoring the plan’s progress to ensure that it is responding to your organization’s needs. Many individuals have left this program with an ability to use the content to develop robust, high-quality strategic plans for their organizations. So will you.

Return on investment

  • Describe the utility, purpose and elements of strategic thinking and planning
  • Scan the environment for driving forces, impediments and opportunities that should inform future strategy and planning
  • Set direction by establishing a patient-centered vision, values and measures of success for the implementation of a strategic plan
  • Strategically align decisions with the vision and values by accessing and using evidence to shape strategic direction
  • Use systems thinking to balance short-term demands with long-term priorities
  • Identify how to engage colleagues, staff, and shareholders in implementation
  • Assess and monitor the impact of the strategic plan on quality of service delivery
  • Demonstrate political astuteness
  • Create a strategic and implementation work plan for a strategic project


2 days

Maximum class size

25 participants

Faculty team

Graham Dickson, PhD
Peter Kuling, MSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, CCPE
Gaétan Tardif, MD, FRCPC, FCCHL

For open-enrolment PLI course information please call 800-663-7336 x8455 or e-mail