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Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) Courses

The Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) was formerly known as the Physician Management Institute (PMI)

Maximize your potential with courses from the Physician Leadership Institute!

Leadership courses help you get an edge in today’s complex health care environment. Developed specifically for physicians and highly interactive, PLI courses are accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

These industry-leading courses are available in two different formats:

  • Open enrolment (face to face public sessions): learn with physician colleagues from across the country and share issues and experiences unique to your profession
  • Online: learn at a time and place most convenient to you and connect with peers across the country without leaving your office or home

25% discount available for CMA members (50% for residents). Not a member? Join now.

PLI in-house offerings: all courses can be customized and delivered at your organization, meeting or conference to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams. For more information.

PLI faculty: meet our team.

Leadership Begins with Self-awareness (CORE*) (Online) xJan 23 - Mar 5, 2017N/A
Leading Change (CORE*) xFeb 13 - Mar 26, 2017N/A
Self-awareness and Effective Leadership (CORE*)x March 5-7, 2017Toronto
Managing People Effectively x March 8-9, 2017Toronto
Facilitating Meetings x March 10, 2017Toronto
Conflict Management and Negotiation (CORE*)x April 26-27, 2017Vancouver (PRE-CCPL)
Physician Leadership Focus x April 26-27, 2017Vancouver (PRE-CCPL)
Strategic Thinking for Results x April 26-27, 2017Vancouver (PRE-CCPL)
Leadership for Medical Women x April 26-27, 2017Vancouver (PRE-CCPL)
Influencer – a VitalSmarts product® x April 26-27, 2017Vancouver (PRE-CCPL)
Dollars and Sense (CORE*) (Online) xApril 10 - May 21, 2017N/A
Engaging Others (CORE*) (Online) xMay 1 - June 11, 2017N/A
Leadership Begins with Self-awareness (CORE*) (Online) xMay 29 - July 9, 2017N/A
Self-awareness and Effective Leadership (CORE*)x August 18-19, 2017Quebec City (PRE-GC)
Effective Communications (online) xAug 28 - Oct 8, 2017N/A
Managing Disruptive Behaviour x Sept 10-12, 2017Toronto
Dollars and Sense (CORE*)x Sept 13-15, 2017Toronto
Engaging Others (CORE*) (Online) xSep 11 - Oct 22, 2017N/A
Crucial Conversations - a VitalSmarts product® x Sept 24-25, 2017Ottawa
Crucial Accountability - a VitalSmarts product® x Sept 26, 2017Ottawa
Leading Change (CORE*) (Online) xOct 16 - Nov 26, 2017Online
Engaging Others (CORE*)x October 15-17, 2017Toronto
Conflict Management and Negotiation (CORE*)x October 18-20, 2017Toronto
Physician Leadership Focusx November 2-3, 2017Toronto
Leading Change (CORE*)x November 19-20, 2017Vancouver
Strategic Influence x November 21-23, 2017Vancouver
Quality Measurement   In-house only in 2017N/A
Talent Management   In-house only in 2017N/A
Influencing Boards   In-house only in 2017N/A
Leadership Strategies for Sustainable Physician Engagement   In-house only in 2017N/A
Coaching for Excellence (formerly Physician as Coach)   In-house only in 2017N/A
Management Dynamics   In-house only in 2017N/A
Systems Transformation   In-house only in 2017N/A
Professionalism and Ethics   In-house only in 2017N/A
Developing and Leading System Improvement   In-house only in 2017N/A

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CORE* - PLI courses that have been identified as essential training for physicians interested in or engaged in a position of leadership. These courses may be taken in any order.

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