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Political parties have responded to Canadians’ call for action on seniors care, says CMA

Ottawa, October 16, 2015 – As Election Day approaches, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) says it is pleased that most political parties have responded to the widespread demand for action on seniors care.

According to CMA President Dr. Cindy Forbes, almost all political parties have presented details of what they will do to improve seniors care if they form the government after October 19.

“Thanks to a concerted effort on the part of the CMA and the over 27,000 Canadians who joined our ‘Demand A Plan’ campaign, all the major parties have talked about their plans for seniors in this year’s election campaign, and 3 of the 4 main parties have presented detailed strategies,” said Dr. Forbes.

The CMA created a website,, which invited Canadians to show their support for the CMA’s call for a comprehensive seniors care plan from Canada’s political parties. The website also provides a “promise tracker” tool where visitors can compare the policy statements of the different parties. The promise tracker can be accessed here.

More than 27,000 Canadians signed up and took action, many sharing their personal stories and putting pressure on local candidates to commit to supporting better seniors care in Canada. Over 3,000 Canadians sent almost 25,000 letters to candidates across the country, asking where they stand on a national seniors strategy.

“I have been deeply impressed by the interest and the support of Canadians in the CMA’s work during this election campaign. Thanks to our joint efforts, almost every party has presented a broad plan to improve seniors care after October 19,” Dr. Forbes added.

The CMA President also said that Canada’s physicians are committed to pursuing this issue beyond Election Day.

“No matter who is elected on October 19, our work continues. The CMA will work to ensure that the political parties honour the commitments they have made to Canadians. We look forward to working with the over 27,000 Canadians who have supported our call for action and others as we seek to ensure that elderly Canadians get the care they need, when and where they need it,” Dr. Forbes concluded.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is the national voice of Canadian physicians. Founded in 1867, the CMA is a voluntary professional organization representing more than 80,000 of Canada's physicians and comprising 12 provincial and territorial medical associations and 60 national medical organizations. CMA's mission is helping physicians care for patients. The CMA will be the leader in engaging and serving physicians and be the national voice for the highest standards for health and health care.


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