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PTMA Newsletter - Issue 10 2014

CMA Board of Directors December Meeting Summary

The Future of Medicine and Membership

  • Working session on meeting the needs of the Generation Y population cohort
  • Facilitated by Sarah Sladek, author of ‘Knowing Y’ and ‘The End Of Membership As We Know It’ who addressed joint Boards session

Major discussion topics

  • Executing the CMA Strategy 2015-2017
  • CMA/QMA strategic alliance
  • Euthanasia and physician-assisted dying
  • Emerging issues:
    • Bill 20 in Quebec
    • Opioid prescribing
    • Strategies to have more medical students, residents and young physicians as delegates at General Council

CMA Strategic Plan

  • Discussion of major outcomes from the CMA program review process, strategic initiatives for 2015-2017 and the 2015 budget

End of Life Care

The Board of Directors approved a revised CMA policy on euthanasia and assisted death

  • The new policy states in part: “There are rare occasions where patients have such a degree of suffering … that they request medical aid in dying. In such a case, and within legal constraints, medical aid in dying may be appropriate. … The CMA supports the right of all physicians, within the bounds of existing legislation, to follow their conscience when deciding whether to provide medical aid in dying as defined in this policy.”

A draft legislative framework for medical aid in dying was discussed and will be further refined by Committee on Ethics to be discussed further at General Council.

Health Care Transformation (HCT)

Update from HCT working group provided with focus on:

  • Innovation
  • Quality of Care
  • Clinical governance

CMA/QMA Strategic Alliance

Approval of a new framework between the CMA and the QMA

Features of the framework include:

  • Oversight committee involving QMA, CMA, MD and NewCo
  • Multi-year
  • Targets for membership growth
  • Joint accountability with equitable investment

Seniors Strategy

  • Update provided on CMA seniors strategy and growing support for CMA’s position
  • CMA asking all federal political parties to:
    • Commit to supporting national seniors strategy in their election platform
    • Commit to calling a First Ministers meeting on subject within 6 months of election
    • Implementing a national seniors strategy by October, 2019

Treasurer’s Report

  • It is anticipated that CMA will have a balanced budget in 2014
  • A budget for 2015 will be presented at the February Board meeting

2015 General Council

  • Resolution adopted to develop a strategy to encourage PTMAs to increase number of delegates who are medical students, residents and young physicians
  • CAIR and CFMS will be approached to work on a GC session appropriate to their membership
  • Initial discussions on possible topics for plenary sessions held
  • Plans to be made for a 5km run in conjunction with meeting

Emerging Issues

  1. Opioid prescribing
    • Pervasiveness and complexity of issue acknowledged and need for CMA to take leadership role
    • Policy on Harms Associated with Psychoactive Prescription Drugs (Opioids) to be circulated for consultation with other stakeholders
    • Issue to be addressed at General Council-CMA take leadership role-highlight accountability and complexity
  2. Legislative changes in Quebec
    • Bill 20 would require family physicians and specialists to have a minimum caseload of patients and increase the duties of attending specialists in hospitals
    • Bill 10 modifies the organization and governance of health care in the province giving significant new powers to the health minister
    • Support for Quebec doctors in fighting these initiatives expressed
    • Concern that these proposed changes may be considered by other jurisdictions

Governance Issues

  • In future nominations from search committees will be brought directly to the CMA Board for approval
  • The CMA Board will appoint at least one Board member to each CMA search committee
  • The Board approved revised terms of reference for the Journal Oversight Committee and a revised MD Financial Holdings nominations and appointment process
  • The Board will recommend to General Council that the CMA Audit Committee report to the Board rather than GC
  • The Board will recommend to GC that the CMA Audit Committee and Finance Committee be combined, highlighting role of external auditor expertise


Dr. Oscar Casiro appointed as a CMA representative (Chair) on the Committee for Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools with a term to end in August 2016.

CMA Modern Workplace

  • Terms of reference and workplan approved for the Board Working Group looking at future workplace requirements for the CMA
  • A recommendation will be made to Board at its May meeting

MD Financial Management

Report presented documenting significant improvement in MD employee engagement scores over past 5 years

Policies under Review

Approval was given to circulate to CMA stakeholder groups several draft policies:

  • Policy Statement on Palliative Care
  • Policy Statement on Advance Care Planning and Ethics
  • Policy Statement on Complementary Medicine
  • Policy on Antimicrobial Resistance and Antibiotic Use in Agriculture
  • Policy on Appropriateness of Care
  • Policy on Early Childhood Development
  • Health in All Policies

New! 2014 National Physician Survey - Just released

The National Physician Survey (NPS) is Canada's most comprehensive and authoritative survey of physicians, medical students and residents and is focused on use of information technology by physicians. The data it collects is used by medical and healthcare professionals, researchers, and many organizations to shape healthcare in Canada. Available in both English and French, findings are available at

A New Era for MD

On December 15, 2014, MD announced a significant milestone with the introduction of a new name—MD Financial Management—and a vibrant new look. MD changed its name from MD Physician Services to better reflect what has always been MD’s core expertise: personalized financial planning and services for Canada’s physicians and their families.

For more than 45 years, MD has helped secure the financial future of physicians from across Canada throughout their career, whether they are a medical student wanting to minimize debt, a new-in-practice resident thinking about incorporation, or a practising physician looking for more tax-efficient strategies.

Still a wholly owned subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association, MD is the primary investment firm most trusted by Canada’s physicians*. Check out MD’s fresh new look and learn more about this exciting news.

*The MD Financial Management Loyalty Survey (June 2014). Respondents (MD clients and non-MD clients) were asked to identify their primary financial institution (MD or Other), and then rate their level of trust associated with that institution. MD received the highest trust rating compared with all other firms rated.

CMA’s MD-MP Contact program – we’re recruiting!

In preparation for the 2015 federal election, and due to the federal riding reallocation, CMA is ramping up its MD-MP Contact program recruitment efforts to ensure there is at least one physician member in each of the 338 ridings. Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to members in specific ‘orphaned’ ridings to invite them to participate in this grassroots initiative. Any questions can be directed to the program manager by contacting or calling 800-663-7336 ext. 2397. Program information can also be found here.

CMAJ – Focus on Diabetes

CMAJ has collected a series of recent articles that focus on diabetes and have produced a special issue of CMAJ to share with PTMA/CMA members.

Highlights of the issue include:

Read full issue.

CMAJ launches podcasts

We’re excited to announce that CMAJ is now podcasting! Listen to a summary overview of the latest issue by tuning in to the regular CMAJ podcast. Find the most recent podcast on and subscribe on our SoundCloud page (or on iTunes, coming soon). Some ideas for future podcasts include weekly article highlights, author interviews, editor summaries and article readings.

MD sunsets practice hotline

In order to continue to provide relevant, scalable and cost-effective services that are of value to as many members as possible, as well as to refocus MD on its core business of providing Financial Services to physicians, we have reviewed our resources and usage statistics and have decided to no longer offer a free 60-minute phone consultation with a practice management expert, also known as the Practice Management Hotline, as a benefit to CMA members as of December 31st, 2014.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Beth Hickey.

Clinical Tool Sunset – MD Consult

As of December 31st 2014, MD Consult will no longer be available to members as it is being discontinued by the publisher (Elsevier). MD Consult is one of CMA’s most valued online clinical tools providing access to leading medical textbooks and journals, guidelines, images, and a large collection of customizable patient handouts.

The popular online resource averages 1,700 unique CMA member users per month. This change has been communicated via the MD Consult website for the last few months and a message has been posted on

The CMA is currently investigating alternative third party resources to add to our suite of clinical resources. We look forward to sharing further updates in the upcoming weeks. If you or a member has any questions regarding the sunset of MD Consult, please contact

Note that CMA member communications are planned in the new year once a contract is in place for a new clinical resource.

LEADing Practice Promotional Article

Description: This article provides supporting organizations with pre-written content to distribute to clinical audiences to promote the 2015 LEADing Practice Initiative. Content in this document can be customized for use in newsletters, websites and other online media, or in correspondence with health care professionals you want to reach.

The 2015 National LEADing Practice Initiative

Attention all health care professionals: Are you LEADing the way?

Clinicians across Canada are using and benefiting from digital health…if you are one of them; we would like to hear about your innovative practice!

[Insert organization’s name here] is proud to support Canada Health Infoway’s 2015 LEADing Practice Initiative. Launched in partnership with Accreditation Canada, this initiative is part of the Knowing is Better clinician education campaign and seeks to identify LEADing practices across Canada that demonstrate how digital health is being used to strengthen clinical practice and improve the patient experience.

The call for submissions is open until January 9th, 2015. Learn more about the initiative and how you can participate.

For additional information contact Conrad Amenta.

CMA adopts new policy on referrals

A new policy statement on streamlining the referral/consultation process between primary and specialty care has been adopted by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

The statement was developed by the association’s Forum on General and Family Practice Issues (GP Forum), using research gathered through the development of an online referral and consultation process toolbox. In addition to the work of the GP Forum, feedback was obtained from the PTMAs and affiliates in the preparation of the statement, which also embodies resolutions passed at the CMA’s 2012 General Council meeting dealing with this issue.

“As the CMA worked on developing a toolbox to help find solutions to the challenges with referral/consultation processes it became clear (that) a policy statement that … identifies what is required to improve these processes, and therefore access to specialty care, would be tremendously valuable,” said CMA President Chris Simpson.

“We feel this policy will contribute to the development of more efficient and timely referral processes through more effective and informative communications,” he added.

“Having been personally involved as one of a group of cardiologists who worked with family physicians to create a referral form for patients with heart failure, I can attest to the value of having effective referral mechanisms and tools,” Dr. Simpson said.

The policy document states a streamlined referral process is essential for improving access to quality care.

It notes that while a “single, standardized solution to improve the entire referral and consultation process is not feasible … the communication and information needs in consultant responses (are) essentially the same for all referring physicians” and can be addressed by having standard communication protocols.

The statement contains five recommendations:

  • Early, meaningful engagement in any initiative to improve the process must involve all stakeholders including – where appropriate – office assistants, nurses, other health care providers and patients.
  • A combination of complementary initiatives (e.g., formal consultation systems, standardized referral processes with central intake systems and/or physician directories) should be implemented.
  • While acknowledging the referring physician’s ability to interpret certain test results, the referral must be accompanied by appropriate information to allow the consulting specialist to fully assess the request. In turn, the referring physician must be informed of what is “appropriate”.
  • The referring physician (and family physician, if different), along with the patient, should be kept informed in timely fashion of the status of the referral request, using standardized procedures and identifying minimum information requirements and timelines.
  • Physicians and/or physician practices should receive compensation and support in recognition of the time and effort expended to communicate appropriate information.

The CMA will inform appropriate health care system stakeholders about the new policy, to promote the adoption of more efficient referral/consultation processes.

CMA Physician Leadership Institute

Open Enrollment PMI Physician Leadership Courses

If members choose an open-enrolment PMI leadership course, they will learn alongside physician colleagues from across the country, sharing issues and experiences unique to the profession in a collaborative, friendly environment.

PMI Strategic Influence:

February 22- 24, 2015 – Toronto, Ont.

Learn how to build alliances to achieve your organization’s objectives and be an official spokesperson using recognized communication, advocacy and media skills. Discover how to network in a matrix in which leadership is both horizontal and vertical, and learn the components of consensus building.

PMI Managing People Effectively:

February 25-26th, 2015 – Toronto, Ont.

The hospital business is complex and sophisticated, and hospital leaders — whether administrators or physicians — need a sophisticated set of management competencies to be successful. This course focuses on management rather than leadership: the “how to’s” for successfully executing the day-to-day people development requirements of the physician leader role.

In-House PMI Physician Leadership Courses

Host an accredited in-house PMI physician leadership course on site at your organization. Build organizational leadership capacity, improve effectiveness of your team, address common issues and gain new insights. Courses can be based on a specific issue or customized for an interdisciplinary health care team.

In-house PMI physician leadership courses

  • Cost-effective — offered when and where you need it
  • Fully accredited by the RCPSC and the CFPC
  • Highly interactive learning environment
  • Set physicians on a path to achieve the Canadian Certified Physician Executive (CCPE) credential
  • Fully accredited by the RCPSC and the CFPC

Request an in-house course today!

Online PMI physician leadership courses

Leadership Begins with Self Awareness

This discussion-based, facilitated online course focuses on developing personal leadership skills. Derived from the CMA’s PMI leadership development program, the course is designed to help participants gain valuable insights into the personal attributes essential for effective leadership.

The course promotes greater self-awareness by teaching the skills associated with examining your own values and principles, thinking patterns, assumptions and emotional skills, and addressing strengths and limitations.

Course duration:

The course consists of six online modules and lasts six weeks. Each week’s module will require four to five hours of study.


  • Accreditation by the RCPSC (MOC section 1) up to a maximum of 22 credits
  • Accreditation by the CFPC (Mainpro-M1) up to a maximum of 22 credits
  • A foundation for the open-enrolment PMI physician leadership face-to-face courses

Dates for 2015 now available. Register today.

Online CME courses

NEW! Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Primer for Primary Care Physicians

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of trauma and stressor-related disorder that can occur after one has gone through an extreme emotional trauma that involved the threat of injury or death to oneself or to others.

PTSD is characterized by a number of hallmark symptoms, which can become chronic and severely debilitating to those suffering from this condition. It often disrupts all areas of one’s life, including social, occupational, psychological, and physical functioning. It is therefore imperative that those suffering from PTSD receive timely treatment. A family physician is often the first caregiver whom the person with PTSD will encounter. Because of this, family physicians are ideally placed to recognize and begin to relieve the suffering of those with PTSD.

This program will help you recognize PTSD and the strategies available to help provide care to patients with this condition.

Course Duration: 3 hours


  • MainPro M1: 3 credits
  • Maintenance of Certification (Section 1): 3 credits

For more information or to register, click here.

Upcoming events in your province or territory

Date Event City Province Details
13-JanOpen House ReceptionRed DeerABMD Networking Event
14-JanOpen House Reception EdmontonABMD Networking Event
25-JanJack and the Beanstalk Show VictoriaBCMD Family Event
28-JanHamilton Academy of Medicine - 98th Annual Clinical DayHamiltonONMD/CMA Exhibiting
28-JanIncorporation: The Right Choice For Your Practice?HamiltonONMD Seminar
12-FebRetirement Readiness SeminarLondonONMD/OMA Seminar
11-MarRetirement Readiness SeminarNiagara FallsONMD/OMA Seminar
12-MarRetirement Readiness SeminarTorontoONMD/OMA Seminar
19-22-MarAlberta Psychiatric Association: Scientific Conference and Annual General MeetingBanffABMD/CMA Exhibiting
16-17-AprJournées Montfort 2015OttawaONMD/CMA Exhibiting
16-18-AprThe Manitoba College of Family Physicians: 57th Annual Scientific AssemblyWinnipegMBMD/CMA Exhibiting
2-MayAvengers: Age of UltronSt. CatharinesONMD Family Event
2-MayAvengers: Age of UltronHamiltonONMD Family Event
2-MayAvengers: Age of UltronMississaugaONMD Family Event
3-MayAvengers: Age of UltronTorontoONMD Family Event
5-7-JuneRetirement Retreat WeekendJackson’s PointONMD Seminar
25-AugMontfort Hospital Foundation’s Charity Golf TournamentOttawaONMD Sponsorship
10-SeptRetirement Readiness SeminarPembrokeONMD/OMA Seminar
12-20-SeptCoupe Banque Nationale 2015QuebecQCMD Networking Event
30-SeptRetirement Readiness SeminarThunder BayONMD/OMA Seminar
21-OctRetirement Readiness SeminarSudburyONMD/OMA Seminar

For additional information please contact Marie-Anne Abboud.

Renew your leadership inspiration by attending the 2015 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership

The CMA and the Canadian Society of Physician Executives (CSPE) would like to invite physicians to attend the sixth joint physician leadership conference “Thriving in Complexity: Physicians Enabling Transformational Change” on April 24-25, 2015 at the Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Also, attendees can register for one of our six PMI/CSPE pre-conference courses on April 22-23, 2015.

To learn more or register online, please visit our web site at Discounts will apply to all PTMA/CMA and/or CSPE members.

For further information contact Carol Rochefort.